Kitchen fumes are too big. I’m very annoyed. Tips for eliminating kitchen fumes

after cooking every day, the kitchen will inevitably leave bursts of fumes, which makes people feel very annoyed! Then, how to eliminate the smell of lampblack? Now, let’s learn the tips of eliminating kitchen fumes with you!

tips for eliminating kitchen fume

1 ventilation


Open the windows often to make the air more circulating.

2, keep clean

kitchen oil stains are the most, after finishing the meal to wipe these oil stains in time, so as to prevent the smell of lampblack adsorbed on kitchen utensils.

3, lemon


Cut the lemon into small pieces and put it into the pot to boil. Put more water into the pot and boil it several times with the lid open. Let the fresh taste of lemon replace the smell of lampblack.

4, green tea

many friends prefer to drink green tea, because green tea has a kind of cool feeling, and the taste is very fragrant. So we can use the fragrance of green tea to eliminate the kitchen fumes. We first put the right amount of green tea into the pot, and then add the right amount of water to boil it slowly until we can smell the fragrance of green tea. The fragrance of green tea will make the kitchen have a special flavor. Not only does the kitchen have no smell of lampblack, it becomes fresh, but even the food will have a light fragrance, making the food more delicious.

5, vinegar

vinegar is a very common condiment used in our family every day. Today, Xiaobian will use it to remove the lampblack smell in the kitchen. First of all, we will put the right amount of vinegar into the pot, and heat it slowly with a small fire to make the vinegar evaporate and ferment slowly, so as to effectively eliminate the lampblack smell in the kitchen.

6, do not heat too much


When cooking, the heat should be slightly adjusted. When cooking on a high fire, the oil will heat up very fast and produce a lot of fumes.

7, purchase oil

some small partners will buy some cheaper oil for the sake of frugality, but those relatively cheap oil will not only increase the smell of kitchen fumes, but also cause certain harm to our body. So we should choose some healthy and hygienic oil, and don’t harm ourselves by seeking cheap oil.

8, kitchen plants

green plants are very effective for air purification, but we have to choose some plants with strong vitality, such as green pineapple and aloe. These two kinds of plants are not unfamiliar to everyone. We just need to put these two plants into the kitchen. After finishing the meal, the green plants will play their role and absorb the fumes left after the meal.

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