Kitchen tiles are oily and sticky. Self made cleaning agent can remove stains. The wall is as white as new

. When cleaning, the most troublesome thing to wipe is kitchen fumes. Kitchen utensils are greasy and sticky. You can’t wipe them clean with clean water, and you can get water everywhere. That’s not to mention how uncomfortable it is. But the kitchen as we cook every day, how can there be no lampblack? So when it comes to the end of the year, cleaning the kitchen has become our bounden duty. Next, let’s take a look at the related knowledge tips about kitchen fume cleaning.

Most people clean the kitchen, will be divided into stove, range hood and wall 3 parts. The stove and range hood can be removed for professional cleaning, and the price is not expensive. But the wall sanitation is a headache, many friends will stick ceramic tiles in the kitchen, when cleaning ceramic tiles with clean water or detergent, not only the efficiency is low, but also the water can be everywhere, detergent cleaning is not clean, also easy to make the room sticky.

and smart people know a way, without a drop of water, can remove the stains on the wall, make the wall as white as new. This method is self-made cleaning agent.

first, we take a small basin, add a small amount of baking soda, add 3 spoonfuls of salt, then pour in a third bottle of white vinegar, then open a bottle of beer and pour it in. White vinegar and baking soda can work with the oil on the surface of ceramic tiles, which has a good cleaning effect. Salt can play a certain bactericidal function, while beer can form a protective layer on the surface of ceramic tiles, so that the tiles can become brighter after wiping.

Set the & lt; Solution & quot; Pour into a small spray pot and spray evenly on the wall. In order to fully combine the ingredients in the cleaner with the yellow stains on the ceramic tile, we wait for 10 minutes quietly, and you will see that the yellow stains on the surface of the ceramic tile are gradually covered by the cleaner; Dissolution & quot; It’s too late. Ten minutes later, as long as you wipe it lightly with a clean cloth, the tiles will immediately & lt; It’s as white as new;, It won’t make the house full of water. If the oil pollution is heavy, you can focus on spraying, and the effect is also good.

This clean simple and convenient, the use of materials are our usual kitchen common items, the cost is relatively low. It can also be used to clean the oil stains on the stove and range hood. The surface of the stove and range hood is uneven, so the paper towel can be soaked in our configured & lt; Detergent & quot; Then take it out and stick it on the oil surface. In this way, the cleaner can be evenly distributed on the oil, playing a better cleaning effect.

Our self-made detergent not only has good cleaning effect, but also worries that adding water will dilute the cleaning ingredients and make them flow everywhere. Moreover, we use relatively healthy things without industrial additives. If you are worried about the smell, you can spray it with lemon water after cleaning, and open the window for half an hour.

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