Lack of hormones affects women’s health. The food for hormone supplement is

. Hormones are commonly known as & lt; Hormones;, It is the general term of hormones secreted by human endocrine system that can regulate physiological balance. Various hormones regulate the homeostasis of the internal environment of human metabolism, the coordination between organs, growth and development, reproduction and so on. It not only affects a normal person’s growth, development and emotional performance, but also is an important factor to maintain the balanced action of various organ systems in the body. Once it is out of balance, the body will have pathological changes. Whether a person can achieve physical and mental health, hormones play an important role. Therefore, women can eat more of these foods to supplement the body’s hormones. What should women eat for hormone supplement? Women’s lack of hormones will have many abnormal symptoms, which directly affect our health, so we need to pay attention to them. Next, let’s take a look at the foods that supplement hormones. Don’t miss them.

Symptoms of hormone deficiency in women: insomnia and headache: insomnia, dreaminess, fatigue and headache. At night hypnosis methods are exhausted, or can’t sleep. Lack of concentration and drowsiness during the day seriously affect women’s daily diet of hormone supplement

protein: meat, fish, dairy products and eggs contain animal protein. These animal proteins contain cholesterol, which can synthesize female hormones. Animal protein deficiency may cause menopause in women. If plant protein and animal protein are taken at the same time, they will have an irreplaceable effect on the promotion of female hormones.

Vegetables: vegetables are rich in food fiber and vitamins, which are good for women’s hormone supplement. In particular, spinach is rich in vitamin B1, which plays an important role in the production of neurotransmitters. If you don’t have enough vitamins, the brain can’t send hormone instructions to the ovaries. Therefore, it is very important to eat a lot of vegetables, especially colored vegetables.

Low fat yogurt: it can be said that most women like to drink yogurt very much in their daily life. As a kind of healthy food, the health effect of yogurt has a long history. And after a lot of research found that in addition to yogurt, all kinds of fermented dairy products are very beneficial to human health. This is because these fermented dairy products are rich in lactic acid bacteria, which is not only conducive to regulating the stomach, but also can promote and stabilize the secretion of hormones. And clinical studies have found that yogurt can reduce the risk of breast cancer. At the same time, yogurt can also reduce irritable bowel syndrome, digestive system inflammation and gastrointestinal disorders, so as to better protect human health.

Sesame, nuts: sesame, nuts contain a lot of vitamin B and vitamin E. Vitamin B and vitamin E are indispensable for smooth secretion of female hormones and ideal balance of hormones. But because it contains lipids, be careful not to eat too much.

beans: experts remind all women that they should form the habit of eating more bean products in their daily life. It’s best to eat them three to four times a week. A large number of studies have found that beans have a very good protective function. Proper eating can effectively fight heart disease and breast cancer. Besides, this kind of food also has the magic effect of stabilizing female hormones. It can be said that soy food is very suitable for women to eat a kind of food, because it also contains a lot of isoflavones. Women’s habit of eating more soy products can also effectively resist breast cancer. After a lot of research, it is found that the low incidence of heart disease and the high intake of beans are related.

mushrooms: when replenishing female hormones, high calorie foods are generally not popular. Mushroom, seaweed and other low calorie, and rich in food fiber, vitamins, mineral nutrients. Therefore, we should eat them in large quantities.

How do women eat hormone supplement

the kidney prefers black and salty foods, such as black sesame, black fungus, black beans, mushrooms, black rice, shrimp, shellfish, etc; The liver prefers green food, such as spinach, cabbage, celery, lettuce, leek, broccoli, etc.

The spleen prefers yellow and naturally sweet food, such as soybean, pumpkin, orange, lemon, corn, banana, etc. Yellow food can strengthen the spleen, enhance gastrointestinal function, restore energy, replenish vitality, and then relieve the symptoms of decreased female hormone secretion. Yellow food is also very effective for the digestive system, but also for memory loss.

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