Lactation drink Hawthorn good?

female friends are extremely weak during confinement. Therefore, they should pay more attention to some food and should not eat casually. Many female friends will eat some breast enhancement food during lactation. Now many people think that Hawthorn has the effect of breast enhancement, and they will eat Hawthorn during lactation, But is hawthorn OK really when lactation eat? Now let me tell you how to drink Hawthorn during lactation?

lactation can eat Hawthorn?

1, the stomach is bad, eat less hawthorn

a small amount of Hawthorn can have the effect of thirst, pain, snacks, stomach, eliminate fat, for maternal recovery will help. If it is a large number of hawthorn, too sour soup will have an impact on milk, so according to the correct amount and method of eating, will be twice the result with half the effort. But the stomach is not good mother do not eat more, will return acid water.

2 and hawthorn should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

hawthorn is more acidic and enters the stomach. If there is no food, it will damage the gastric mucosa and the stomach.

3, eat less raw hawthorn

raw Hawthorn tannic acid and gastric acid combination, easy to form stomach stone, it is difficult to digest. In particular, mothers with weak gastrointestinal function should pay more attention. Doctors suggest that Hawthorn should be cooked before eating.

this is because Hawthorn can help maternal uterine contraction and lochia discharge, which is good for the recovery of health. Hawthorn also has the function of strengthening the stomach. But not too much.

4. It’s not good to eat more Hawthorn teeth during lactation.

Hawthorn has the effect of appetizing. You can eat less if you want to eat. The baby can also absorb nutrition through milk, which is also powerful for the baby’s intestines and stomach, but you can’t eat too much hawthorn. Eating too much is not good for teeth.

5, should not eat

thick drink three days can return to milk. Nevertheless, a small amount of hawthorn, or eat hawthorn tablets, the impact should be small, but if you use a lot of hawthorn, on their own and their baby’s health will be affected.

the above is some common sense of Hawthorn that I introduced to you. Hawthorn is certainly good for your body, but you need a certain degree to eat anything, and you can’t eat more than that. Especially during the lactation period, the diet must be reasonable and balanced to ensure adequate nutrition, which is the best for mothers and children.

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