Learn how to get rid of ink stains. Washing method makes it easy for you to wash out ink stains

. If you accidentally dye ink on your clothes and hands, it’s really a headache. Not only affect the mood, but also challenge patience. Learn the following ink washing methods, so that you can easily wash off the ink. Now follow to understand it!

1、 Methods for washing ink on hands:

1, disinfectant + hand sanitizer

. Firstly, rub your fingers with disinfectant for 2 minutes, and then soak them in hand sanitizer for 3 minutes. After testing, the ink is still obvious. After repeated washing hands, it can gradually subside. Disadvantages: injured hands, long time.

2, makeup remover + detergent

slowly apply makeup remover on hands, rub for 2 minutes, then rub with detergent for 2 minutes, rinse with water, the ink is slightly reduced after testing, and it can be repeated for many times and gradually fade. Disadvantages: long time.

3, alcohol + soap

pour some alcohol on the hand, rub it with soap for 3 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water. After testing, the ink is reduced by half, and then it can be gradually eliminated after repeated several times. Disadvantages: hurt hands, supplies trouble.

2、 The ink cleaning method for clothes is

1. New ink stains or clothes that have not been soiled for a long time can be soaked in hot milk or yoghurt and removed easily.

2. For ink stains on general clothes, 1 phr oxalic acid and 10 phr water can be used to make a mixed solution, which is heated, dipped with cotton ball in hot state, and then carefully scrubbed. As soon as the ink spots disappear, rinse them with a little warm ammonia solution.

3. Ink stains on wool and cotton garments can be removed with 10% citric acid solution.

4 The formula of ink stain remover

(1) can also remove ink stains by mixing 96% alcohol, 10% ammonia and water in the ratio of 1:1:1. Because the ammonia water can change the color of the fabric, it should be controlled appropriately to avoid color change.

(2) any one of sodium bisulfite, bleaching powder or hydrogen peroxide can effectively remove ink stains on white clothing.

(3) the ink stains on white clothes can be moistened with tap water, then moistened with a mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 10% oxalic acid, and then washed with water.

(4) for the blue and black ink stains on clothing, 1 phr citric acid, 10 phr distilled water and 2 phr concentrated borax solution can be used to prepare the remover. When preparing, citric acid is dissolved in distilled water, then concentrated borax solution is added and mixed evenly. Use a brush to dip this agent into the blue black ink stains on the clothing, then use absorbent paper to absorb the excess solution. After the ink stains are removed, clean them with tap water.

(5) for ink stains on textile surface, alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether 14.9% ~ 18.8%, monoethanolamine 10.3% ~ 13.7%, triethanolamine 4.15% ~ 4.25%, propylene glycol 6.3% ~ 15.2%, butanol 9.8% ~ 15.4%, Sodium Alkylbenzene Sulfonate 7.3% ~ 7.8%, secondary alkyl sulfonate 3.65% ~ 3.75% and acetic acid 0.5% ~ 12.8% can be used, Add water to 100% and mix well to form remover. This agent has no effect on fabric dyes, and can be used to clean fabrics of various colors, such as removing ink stains and ball point pen oil spots on the surface of textiles.

(6) dilute 0.5 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide with 4.5 ml of distilled water, then add 5 ml of 5% oxalic acid and 0.7 mL of concentrated hydrochloric acid, then dilute with 39.3 ml of alcohol and put them into a 50 ml drop bottle; Fading spirit & quot;. It can effectively remove blood stains, ink stains and other colored stains that are difficult to wash off with soap. When using, first wet the stain with clean water, and then drop a few drops; Fading spirit & quot;, Scrub with a brush and wash with clean water after the stain is removed. If you want to clean the ink and other colored stains on the cloth, you should pay attention not to make this agent contact the pattern and make the pattern fade. This agent should be prepared and used now, and should not be stored, and the concentrated hydrogen peroxide will burn the skin. When preparing, protective gloves should be worn to prevent the concentrated hydrogen peroxide from touching the skin.

5, other methods. Because of the different cloth, the reaction degree to ink is different, and the selected materials for cleaning ink are also different. In order to avoid hurting your favorite clothes, you can choose to send the clothes to a professional laundry after using the above non damaging method.

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