Learn not to eat fruits that are not easy to eat on an empty stomach. Do not let these fruits affect our health.

what fruit can not be eaten on an empty stomach? We all know that fruit contains more pectin and tannic acid in our

1 and persimmon

persimmon. The above substances react with gastric acid to form insoluble gel blocks. It is easy to form stomach stones. When you eat persimmon on an empty stomach, a large amount of Diospyros kaki gum phenol and red tannin astringent coagulate with gastric acid to form a hard lump; Persimmon stone;. If these lumps cannot reach the small intestine through the pylorus, they will stay in the stomach and form gastric persimmon stones. Small gastric persimmon stones are initially like the apricot nucleus, but they will accumulate more and more. If the gastric persimmon stone can not be discharged naturally, it will cause gastrointestinal obstruction, easily causing nausea, vomiting, gastric ulcer, and even gastric perforation.

2 and banana

are rich in sugar and fiber, which are beneficial to digestion and defecation. There are more magnesium elements in bananas. Eating bananas on an empty stomach will make the magnesium in the human body rise suddenly, which will destroy the balance of magnesium and calcium in the human blood and inhibit the cardiovascular system, which is not conducive to health. In addition, when fasting, there is almost no food for digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat bananas at this time, it will speed up the gastrointestinal movement, promote blood circulation, increase heart load, and easily lead to myocardial infarction. Experts remind that do not eat bananas on an empty stomach, should generally choose to eat bananas after meals or when not hungry state is safer.

3 Tomato

tomato contains a lot of colloid, fruit and persimmon soluble astringent. These substances easily react with gastric acid to form insoluble lumps, thus blocking the outlet of the stomach pylorus, It can increase the pressure in the stomach, cause acute gastric distention and make people feel the pain of stomach distension. Tomatoes are suitable for eating after meals. After a meal, gastric acid is reduced, it is not easy to form lumps.

4 and orange

contain a lot of sugar and organic acids. Eating orange on an empty stomach will stimulate gastric mucosa, increase gastric acid, and make the spleen and stomach full of stuffy and acid.

5 Fresh litchi

has high sugar content. Eating on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa, resulting in stomachache and bloating. Moreover, eating too much fresh litchi on an empty stomach may result from the sudden infiltration of excessive high sugar into the body; Hyperosmolar coma;.

6 and pineapple

contain strong proteolytic enzymes, which can easily cause gastric wall injury if eaten before meals. Pineapple is best to soak in light salt water. If you eat too much, your lips and tongue will be itchy and allergic. If you eat too much, your stomach will be sour and you will feel sick.

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