Learn these tips to cool you down for the summer!

Learn these tips to cool you down for the summer!

learn these tips to keep you cool for a summer!

when eating a hamburger, you often let the filling and juice in the middle wet the bread, and make the handle and table dirty. Try eating your hamburger upside down, because the top is usually thicker than the bottom, and it’s not easy for the juice to leak out.

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come to drink in hot summer, but every time the straw inserted in the jar will float up. Try to turn the pull ring of the jar around, and then pass the straw through the pull ring. OK, the straw; Darling & quot; The ground stayed in the can.

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want to eat mango, peeling is very troublesome? Take a mango and cut off the meat and skin on both sides. Then, cut the pulp vertically and horizontally to form a square pattern. Now use both hands to gently break it off, you will see a piece of mango meat popping out. You can eat directly with a ladle or scrape the pulp off with a ladle.


many ants in the family are looking for a natural way to get rid of ants? Try filling a cup of raw corn kernels, grind them in a blender, run at high speed for about 30 seconds, and you’ll get some fresh homemade corn flour. Put cornmeal where ants often pass by. In a few days, the ants will disappear.

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friends often eat potato chips when they get together. All kinds of potato chips are put on different plates, which is not only inconvenient, but also easy to be wet and no longer crispy. You can fold the top edge of the packaging bag to the inside, and then push it up from the bottom of the bag, and the potato chips in the packaging bag will be pushed up, so you don’t need plates or bowls. If you don’t finish eating after the party, just put it back into the packaging bag and seal it. There are many fruit flies in summer. Before they mess up your kitchen, cut a few bananas and put some leftover mango skins into one or two small containers. Now seal the container with a piece of plastic wrap and use a chopstick to poke a slightly larger hole in the plastic wrap than a fruit fly. Now you can put it in the kitchen. In a few minutes, the flies will follow one by one into the container, and in a day or two, they will have a & lt; party in it; Fruit Party & quot;. Now you can simply cover your containers and seal them inside.

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summer means popsicles. When eating popsicles, the melted sugar will make your hands sticky. Take a small paper cup and poke a hole about the size of a popsicle in the bottom of the cup. Now you just need to pass the popsicle through the hole, and the melted water will drip into the small paper cup, and your fingers will never stick again. In addition, this method can also be replaced by small cake paper.


barbecue, seasoning bottles filled a table, greasy hands one by one to get? Try to borrow a plate for baking small cakes, because there are many evil bowls on it;, You can squeeze all kinds of seasonings into these & lt; Bowl & quot; In this way, your seasoning is easy to get, and the space occupied by seasoning will be greatly reduced. When you go to the seaside, you need to take some money, mobile phones and other valuables with you. Are you worried about being stolen? Using an old shampoo bottle, remove the top cover. Clean up the inside of the bottle, then make a hole in the top just to put the property in. After the mobile phone and money are put in and the lid is closed, anyone who sees it will think it is just a bottle of shampoo. No one will steal your shampoo.

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the weather is too hot, want to drink ice water? Fill a mineral water bottle with about a quarter of water and place it flat on the freezer. When the water is frozen, there will be a bottle with ice on one side. Now, when you need ice water, just take one of these bottles out of the freezer and fill it with your favorite drink, and you’ll get an instant cold drink.

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