Learn these tips to let you easily winter

learn these tips to let you easily winter

1, prevent hair loss in winter: according to your skin type, you can reduce the frequency of shampoo, stay away from spicy food, massage your head every day, which is also helpful to prevent hair loss.

2, sweaters wear for a long time, some parts will wear, with vinegar, water half mixture spray after washing, can restore the original.

3. In winter, we cook radish and carrot every day, and take a small bowl of soup and vegetables in the morning and evening. Long term persistence can effectively treat chronic bronchitis.

4. In winter, we can effectively prevent frostbite by rubbing our ears and hands every day, and then warming these parts for a while with an electric hair dryer.

5, winter indoor humidity is not easy to induce disease! Home should be equipped with humidifier, which outside the ground watering, mopping with a wet mop or raising a few pots of daffodils indoors can also increase humidity.

6. Washing hair with beer in winter can not only promote hair growth, but also effectively prevent static electricity. First wet the hair with beer, and then clean it as usual.

7. If you often eat hot pot in winter, you can eliminate the smell on your clothes by spraying 100ml pure water + 2 drops of lemon juice on the surface of your clothes and drying them in a ventilated place.

8. When you catch a cold in winter, is your nose red and swollen? As long as the lip gloss is applied to the nose, the nose will return to its original state on the second day.

9. In winter, the fat of bagged milk will condense and adhere to the wall of the bag. It can be preheated by the stove for a while before cooking, and the fat will dissolve.

10, Zizyphus jujuba for the treatment of hand and foot cleft, remove the skin and core of appropriate Zizyphus jujuba, add water to boil it into a paste, apply it to the cleft, twice a day, and it can be cured in a few days.

11, lard honey cream can remove frostbite, take 20 grams of lard, 80 grams of honey, put together to mix into cream, apply to the affected area three times a day, adhere to a few days can restore the appearance of delicate hands.

12, winter sports inevitably have sweat, if not very serious sweat can be wiped off with diluted lemon juice, stubborn sweat need to dilute baking soda!

13, cold season, every day to rub ears, rub hands, and then warm these parts with a hair dryer for a moment, can effectively prevent frostbite.

14. Water, snow and salt stains on leather shoes and boots can be gently brushed off with a soft hair brush dipped in white vinegar.

15. White sweaters will turn black after wearing for a long time. After washing, put the sweaters in the refrigerator and freeze them for one hour. Take them out and then dry them. They are as white as new.

16. Stains on suede shoes or suede shoes can be gently cut off with a nail file.

17. When washing woolen sweater, add proper amount of dry cleaning agent and ammonia in warm water, and add a few drops of vinegar when rinsing, which can help restore the original luster and softness of wool fabric.

18. If mildew appears in winter cotton clothing, rub several mung bean teeth repeatedly in the mildew area, and then rinse with clean water to remove the mildew.

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