Learning these skills will help you to make your home easier and how to adjust your lifestyle at home.

a sudden outbreak of New Coronavirus outbreak, a war without smoke will start in vain. For many ordinary people, self isolation and random walk around the house is the biggest support for the campaign. At the same time, he Zhai

& middot; Cast screen, make learning and entertainment more cool and more efficient

many students are learning online at home. Many video platforms also have many free videos. If you learn the function of cast screen, you can easily project the small screen onto the large screen. It will be much more pleasant to watch, so how to cast screen?

first, nowadays almost most of smart TVs and smart phones support the projection function, and the two hardware devices are also necessary.

and IOS smart devices are OK, but there are differences. Apple devices use airplay image, and Android devices use DLNA projection. You can find it in all kinds of Android smart device settings; Wireless projection & quot;, Open this function.

second, it is better for two smart devices to be in the same WiFi network.

just need to have the above two points, when watching the program, you can easily realize the synchronous display of mobile phone pictures on the smart TV, and at the same time, the mobile phone will become your & quot; Remote control & quot;.

dullele is not as good as zhonglele. It’s easy for the family to come together and enjoy the learning and entertainment experience brought by the big screen of smart TV.

· How to store more ingredients in the refrigerator?

because now is an extraordinary period, in order to go out as little as possible, many families will buy many ingredients at one time. At this time, in addition to the need for a large refrigerator, the storage of ingredients in the refrigerator is also very particular.

raw and cooked food, meat and seafood, fruits and vegetables, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, bananas, mangoes, rambutan, coffee, tea, chocolate & hellip; If you can’t, you can’t.

if you buy a large number of food materials at one time, the refrigerator will be very crowded at this time, so it is particularly important to prevent cross infection of bacteria. Of course, the best way is to choose the refrigerator with multi door partition storage, and separate the refrigeration, freezing, fresh-keeping, dry and wet physically.

most family refrigerators certainly do not open more doors, so in order to make the food in the refrigerator more neat and clean, it is particularly important to use the storage tools reasonably.

using the deep space of the refrigerator, you can use the rectangular storage box, which can effectively classify the many ingredients in the refrigerator, so that it is very convenient for you to take, supplement or re store in the future, and it is conducive to the long-term maintenance of this neat state.

in addition, for many ingredients, we can pretreat them before putting them in the refrigerator. For example, chives can be washed and dried naturally until there is no water on the surface. Then they are chopped and put into a sealed bag. After sealing, they are frozen; For example, leeks can be cut into 5-6cm length, wrapped with wet kitchen tissue, put into a zipper sealed bag, and then put into the cold room for storage; For example, half a pumpkin, you can cut off the middle seed and the soft part, put it in a zipper bag, and put it in the cold room.

by learning this, you can not only eat one mouthful of fresh food every day, but also store more ingredients in the refrigerator.

How to adjust life style at home? 1. Make a plan. Plan your daily routine, especially your regular diet and sleep.

2. Please study one thing. Such as reading, listening to music, writing, learning a new skill, and enjoy the process.

3. Find a support. The company of the Tathagata’s family and friends is an important social support. You can do housework and chat with your family, or keep in touch with your family and friends through telephone and video chat.

4. Take an exercise. When you are upset, do Baduanjin or your favorite indoor sports. Use the sports or fitness app to make a long-distance appointment with friends to exercise together.

5. Think about some experiences. For example, what valuable life experience can you get from this experience.

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