Learning to be lazy in life may become more fun, teaching you smart life tips

1, vegetables that should not be purchased in advance

green pepper, beans, cauliflower, leek, spinach, fennel, raw bamboo shoots, mushrooms, lettuce, lettuce, etc., even if the temperature is appropriate, it is best not to store for more than three days.

2, chocolate should not be refrigerated

chocolate in the refrigerator after cold storage, once taken out, at room temperature, its surface will form a layer of white frost, and very easy to mildew deterioration, loss of original taste.

3, toothpaste wash grapes more clean

grapes can be sterilized by soaking in light salt water, but sometimes there is still a layer of white film on the surface after washing, you can squeeze some toothpaste, put the grapes between the palms, gently rub, and then wash with water.

4, residual tea magical use

after the residual tea is dried in the sun, it can be burned in the toilet or by the stinky ditch, which can eliminate the stench. Burning the dried residual tea can drive away mosquitoes.

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. Soak vegetable leaves in light salt water. The insect is stimulated by salt and will be separated from vegetable leaves quickly. Due to the large proportion of salt water, the insect will float on the water surface and easily pour out of the basin.

6, skillfully remove the greasy screen window

, put the washing powder and the rest of the cigarette end in the water, after dissolving, use it to clean the glass window and screen window, the effect is good.

7, double cooked rice

if it is double cooked rice, you can use chopsticks to pierce some holes through the bottom of the pot, sprinkle a little yellow rice wine and simmer again. If only the surface is double cooked, just turn the surface to the middle and simmer again.

8, bread can eliminate carpet stains

. If a small carpet in a home is dirty, it can be wiped with hot bread residue, and then hung in a cool place. After 24 hours, the stains can be removed.

9 Shaving toothpaste instead of soap, when

men shave, toothpaste can be used instead of soap. Because toothpaste does not contain free alkali, it is not only irritating to skin, but also rich in foam and fragrant in smell, which makes people feel cool and refreshing.

10, the magical use of essential balm

sprinkle a few drops of essential balm on the leaves of the electric fan. With the continuous rotation of the leaves, it can make the room full of fragrance, and has the effect of driving away mosquitoes.

11. The odor of going to the toilet is

. No matter how clean the indoor toilet is, it often leaves a odor. As long as a small cup of vinegar is placed in the toilet, the odor will disappear. It is valid for six or seven days and can be changed once a week.

12, skillfully wash hairtail

hairtail body smell and greasy, with water is difficult to clean, can put hairtail first in alkaline water bubble, and then wash with water, it will be very easy to clean, and no smell.

13 Peel the garlic skin skillfully

soak the garlic in warm water for 3-5 minutes and take it out. Rub it with your hand and the garlic skin will fall off. If you need to peel a lot of garlic at a time, spread the garlic on the chopping board and gently pat it with a knife.

14, thawing method

meat: suitable for natural thawing at room temperature, thawing in water will make nutrition loss; Poultry: should be thawed in water, but not to the viscera of the best natural thawing at room temperature.

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