Leather shoes are easy to get moldy when they are damp. How to prevent leather shoes from getting moldy?

leather shoes are not only beautiful to wear, but also dirty. You don’t need to brush your shoes. Just polish your shoes. It’s especially suitable for lazy people like me! However, shoes are most afraid of the rainy season, improper preservation will moldy. Now, let’s learn how to prevent leather shoes from getting moldy!

tips to prevent shoe mildew


1 First, use a cloth with good water absorption (cotton towel is the best) to absorb the moisture on the surface of leather shoes.

2, and then put some newspapers or toilet paper in the shoes, more replacement, in order to completely absorb moisture.

3. When the leather shoes are dry to a certain extent, they should be put in the shoe brace to prevent deformation, and then put in the ventilated place to dry in the shade.

daily maintenance methods of leather shoes


How to prevent and maintain the damp and moldy leather shoes?

1. Polish shoes frequently

. First wipe off the dust on the surface of shoes with a clean soft cloth, and then apply oil evenly until it is bright.

2. Wear shoes according to the weather

. When it rains or snows, try not to wear shoes. Even if you need to wear shoes, you should wear shoe covers.

3. Don’t dry after damp.

after damp, put the shoes in a ventilated and dry place to dry in the shade. Don’t expose them to the sun or dry them. At the same time, don’t put the shoes on the ground vertically. Put them straight to avoid deformation.

4. Avoid touching acid and alkali substances

. Do not touch fuel, acid, alkaline and sharp substances to prevent corrosion damage.

5, avoid stains

when wearing shoes, try to avoid touching sewage, dirt and tea stains, and clean them in time after touching dirt.

6. Store properly

. When storing season changing leather shoes, air dry, polish and oil them, put them in plastic bags, tie the bag mouth tightly and seal them, and put them in a dry place. Avoid deformation caused by extrusion. Store for a period of time (especially in the rainy season) to take out ventilation, wipe clean again to prevent mildew.

7. Don’t wear a pair of shoes all the time. No matter how many shoes you like, you shouldn’t wear them every day. You should buy several pairs of shoes to wear in rotation.

tips for leather shoes maintenance

1 wrinkle removal


First of all, I will teach you how to remove wrinkles on leather shoes. When there are wrinkles on leather shoes, they are very ugly, We need to clean the shoes first, and then spray some leather care agent on the wrinkles. At this time, we need to prop up our shoes with synergetic, and then prepare a piece of dry cloth to cover the wrinkles of the shoes. At this time, we are ironing with an iron.

2, use correction fluid to fill color

. We can use correction fluid to help our shoes fill color. Although this method sounds a little unreliable, it is very effective. This method is only suitable for the maintenance of white shoes. When a piece of white shoes is accidentally polished, we can apply correction fluid to the shoes, This effect is also very good.

3, using banana peel to pollute


In addition, we can use banana skin to remove the dirt on leather shoes. This method is also very effective, because banana skin contains a tannin substance, This kind of substance can play a very good effect in removing oil stains. Therefore, when we accidentally get oil stains on our shoes, we can use banana skin to remove them. Just use banana skin to wipe the shoes directly.

4, use milk to prevent wrinkles

. We can use milk to prevent wrinkles in leather shoes. This method is very effective. When we can’t drink enough milk or have some expired milk, we don’t have to throw it away. It can be used for shoe maintenance. First, we prepare a dry cloth and dip it in some milk, Just wipe your shoes. This can effectively prevent wrinkles.

5, use vinegar to brighten

when we feel that our shoes are not bright enough, we can use the vinegar we usually eat to help our shoes shine. This method is very effective, and this method is also very simple. When we are polishing our shoes, add a few drops of vinegar to Xianyou, This kind of mature academic description is very bright, and it can also prevent dust, so this method is very magical, and it is also very effective. If you feel that the leather shoes are not bright enough, you can use this method.

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