Lentinus edodes can help defecate and care for intestinal tract,

Lentinus edodes can help defecate and care for the intestines oh

Lentinus edodes can help defecate and care for the intestines oh

Lentinus edodes is & lt; Vegetable Steak & quot; Polysaccharide body protects intestines and stomach and helps defecation

is known as & lt; Vegetable Steak & quot; The famous Lentinus edodes contains dozens of amino acids which are indispensable to human body. It is not only beneficial for human body to absorb and utilize, but also has no problem of high fat and cholesterol content in meat food.

the benefits of Lentinus edodes are more than that. The mucus protein of Lentinus edodes is rich in polysaccharides, which has a protective effect on the intestines and stomach. It can help repair gastric mucosa, resist gastric acid, improve gastric ulcer, stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, and prevent constipation. In addition to the components of polysaccharides known by most people, the nutrients contained in Lentinus edodes, such as suraminic acid, arginine, vitamin B1, can also promote digestion, smooth gastrointestinal function, and prevent gastric ulcer.

can activate intestinal probiotics and help soften the stool. Water soluble dietary fiber plays an important role.

the most important thing is that every 100 grams of Lentinus edodes has only 38 calories, and you don’t worry about getting fat if you take a big bite; The content of dietary fiber is as high as 3.8g, which can be dissolved in water and has a certain viscosity soluble dietary fiber. It can help absorb a large amount of water in the intestine, keep the feces soft and make the defecation process smoother; It can activate the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, increase the reproduction of beneficial bacteria, improve the intestinal ecology, enhance the intestinal immunity, and isolate the abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by bad bacteria.

mushroom recipe help defecation

three fresh mushroom soup (4 people)

ingredients: fresh mushroom 100 grams, Flammulina velutipes 1, straw mushroom 100 grams (can also replace other mushrooms), wolfberry 30 grams. Methods:

1, wash Lentinus edodes, Flammulina velutipes and straw mushroom; The wolfberry is simply rinsed and set aside.

2. Prepare a pot of 1000cc water. After boiling, add all mushrooms and wolfberry in order.

3. When the water is boiled again, turn off the fire. Add a little salt to taste and serve
effect: the ingredients of

sanxiangu soup are easy to prepare and easy to make. Through the collocation of different kinds of mushroom food, not only the taste is more rich and layered, but also the polysaccharides and various amino acids in mushroom food can be absorbed at one time. Moderate consumption can help to improve and relieve constipation.

expert advice:

mushroom food is rich in nutritional value and has many benefits to human health, but the content of prin is high, patients with acute gout and patients with high uric acid value should not eat too much. Nutritionists remind that the human body needs different foods to provide a variety of nutrients in order to maintain health. In order to improve constipation, in addition to eating mushrooms and other vegetables, it is still necessary to take a balanced intake of other nutrients, which is the fundamental solution.

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