Let kiwi fruit help you digest the greasy food

Eat greasy let kiwi fruit to help you digest

eat greasy let kiwi fruit to help you digest

big fish and meat on the table, many people can’t help but eat a few more, and after eating, often regret, feel support and swelling. A new study in New Zealand suggests that eating a kiwi fruit can alleviate the above situation. Because kiwifruit in the unique kiwifruit alkali can accelerate digestion, so that the protein eaten is more easily absorbed.

after eating kiwi fruit, the digestion ability of pepsin will increase, which may also accelerate the absorption speed of protein in the small intestine, so that the body’s utilization level of protein will be improved as a whole. The reason for this positive change comes from a special enzyme, mdash, which is naturally produced in kiwifruit& mdash; Kiwifruit alkaloid, which can make protein get faster and more comprehensive absorption.

kiwifruit base has good digestion ability to some food proteins, such as red meat, yogurt, cheese, tuna and eggs, even without the function of digestive enzymes. Therefore, the study suggests that in a protein rich diet, eating kiwi fruit properly is an effective measure to promote digestion and protect the stomach.

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