Let your kitchen no longer greasy!

Let your kitchen no longer greasy!

let your kitchen no longer greasy!

first, there is a lot of oil on the ground. If you pour a little vinegar on the mop, you can remove the oil dirt on the ground.

second, with burned honeycomb briquette ash, mixed with washing powder, used to wash the ground, it is also easy to remove oil.

third, it is very difficult to remove the oil on the cement floor. If you can get some dry plant ash the night before, use water to make a paste, and then evenly spread it on the floor. The next morning, you can get rid of the ash, and then wash it repeatedly with clean water, and the cement floor will take on a new look.

fourth, it is difficult to clean the oil stains on the glass with newspaper or cloth. You can use alkaline detergent to wipe it, and then apply sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution on the glass. After half an hour, you can use cloth to wipe it, and the glass will become bright and clean.

fifthly, it is difficult to clean the screens of kitchen windows after they are greasy. One method is to use a broom to remove the dust on the surface, and then add 500 ml of 15 grams of detergent, mix it evenly, then dip it with an old toothbrush or brown brush and brush it on the screen once or twice, and then wipe it on both sides with a rag to remove the grease. Second, add a small amount of milk into the washing powder solution, and the washed screen will be the same as the new one.

sixth, gas and liquefied gas cookers are easy to get oil stains. If they are washed with alkali water, they are easy to wash off the paint. If they are washed with clean water, they are not clean. You may as well use sticky rice soup on the stove. When it is dry, the rice soup will stick the oil together. In this way, you only need to scrape with iron, and the oil will be removed together with the rice soup. In addition, with the thinner rice soup, noodle soup direct cleaning, or with squid bone scrub, the effect is also good.

seventh, wood cleaning. Can be added to the amount of vinegar in water, used to wipe, you can remove oil, or soak in bleach solution for a while and then wipe, decontamination effect is also very good.

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