Let’s have a good rest in our stomach!

Let’s have a good rest in our stomach!

, let the stomach rest!

at the end of the year, in the season of constant social intercourse, there should be corresponding conditioning diet to improve their state.

adzuki bean has been a good recipe for diet health since ancient times. It has the function of detoxification and diuresis. Cooking porridge with adzuki bean can improve edema. In addition, it also has the function of eliminating constipation and other gastrointestinal friendly.

from the point of view of nutrition, adzuki bean contains carbohydrate, protein and vitamin B1 and B2 which promote the metabolism of these nutrients. Combining red beans with energy rich rice to cook porridge is not only convenient to eat, but also easy to digest. For those who have been busy eating and drinking and those who work overtime at night, they can supplement energy without increasing the burden on their stomach.

in addition, adzuki bean is also rich in iron, zinc, calcium, potassium and other minerals and dietary fiber which can improve the intestinal environment. The red pigment anthocyanins in adzuki bean skin also have good antioxidant effect.

the reason why adzuki bean has the effect of diuresis and edema elimination is that the potassium contained in adzuki bean can beat out the excess salt in the body and regulate the water in the body, and the basic component saponin also has the effect of diuresis. When people often socialize outside, they mostly take in too much alcohol and too much salt. When they feel thirsty from time to time, they are easy to drink a lot of water, resulting in foot edema. Therefore, for such people, drinking some bean porridge can also effectively eliminate edema.

when cooking adzuki bean, some basic components will be lost to the water, as well as galactooligosaccharides, saponins and other beneficial components. Some people will constantly skim part of the water in the process of boiling adzuki bean. However, studies have proved that the water of boiling adzuki bean will contain a lot of antibacterial and antioxidant substances, while other antioxidant components are important for controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol, etc The rise of blood glucose value has a certain effect. Therefore, when cooking adzuki beans, it is not recommended to skim all the water, but it is better to keep part of the water to reduce the loss of nutrients.

it should be noted that no matter how good things are, it is not recommended to eat a large amount of food for a long time or even partial food, so as to avoid excessive consumption causing health damage.

with cold rice and adzuki bean, you can easily cook adzuki bean porridge

if you want to eat adzuki bean porridge, many people will find it troublesome. In this busy season, it takes time and energy to calm down and cook a pot of good porridge. However, if you have cold rice and beans at home, you can opportunistically make simple bean porridge!

first of all, soak the beans before going to work, take out the pot after going home, put in a small bowl of rice and add water, boil over medium heat until the rice expands, add the soaked beans and water, then boil over low heat and continue to cook until it is battered.

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