Let’s make a travel sewing box with me!

Let’s make a travel sewing box with me!

, let’s make a travel sewing box with me!

as the saying goes: it’s good to be at home, but it’s hard to go out. It’s true that when you go out, you are likely to meet the time of sewing with needle and thread. If you can have a convenient travel sewing box, it will be very convenient! Now let’s see how it works?

the raw materials are: a small piece of cloth, a waste film made at home, an awl used to make holes on it, a roll of needle and thread, a small ball of cotton, a bottle of 502 glue, an unused colored headband and two rubber bands.

first, use an awl to open two holes in the cap, the size of which should allow the head rope to pass through. Use scissors to divide the head rope into two parts, pull it through the hole drilled just now, and leave a little length on it. Tie a knot on the back and tie it. Use scissors to cut off the excess. In this way, the handle of the sewing box is ready.

and then make a needle bag. First of all, we draw a circle about 7cm in diameter on the calico and cut it off with scissors. Use a needle to make a circle of thread on the edge of it. The stitch should not be too big. After that, we put the cotton in it, pull the wire and close the mouth. So the needle bag is ready, and then we use 502 glue to fix it on the back of the cover. First put a little 502 glue on the back of the cover, then put the needle bag on it and tie it with rubber band, like this. Ten minutes later, we take off the rubber band and fix the needle bag. Insert the needle to be used, put the thread into the box, and then close the lid. This is a convenient travel sewing box!

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