Let’s share the tips of universal bottle cap opening, so that you can easily open the bottle cap that is difficult to screw.

when we have dinner and want to drink, what should we do if we can’t find the bottle opener? Are we in a hurry? Bite with your teeth? If you accidentally have a broken tooth, you’re in trouble. It’s OK. I’ll teach you some tips to open the bottle cap, which will make you feel more convenient to drink.

Opening beer

method 1: if there are two bottles of beer, you can put one bottle of beer on the table and use the cover of the other bottle to clamp on the top of the first bottle; Hold two bottles, gently knock down to open, faster than the bottle opener, no effort.

method 2: how to open a bottle of beer? We can use the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction to open the beer bottle cap: burn the beer bottle cap with a lighter, and then tap the bottom of the bottle a few times. At this time, the beer bottle cap is very loose and will not be hot. Is it very simple to open it with a slight twist?

open the can

when you accidentally break the ring of the can, it’s very simple. We just need to prepare a chopstick.

there is a small slot on the big end of the pull ring. Aim one end of the chopsticks at the interface, and rub it left and right at this position for a few times, and it will explode.

open the can

method 1: first, turn the can upside down, and then pat it hard at the bottom until there are bubbles in it. Then come right over and twist it, and the can will open easily.

method 2: if you encounter a can that is very difficult to open, you can also use the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction to prepare a bowl first, and then pour hot water. Then put the tin upside down, let the hot water go over the lid and soak for 30 seconds. When the time is up, take out the can and open it with a twist. Another advantage of this method is that no matter how big the bottle is, as long as it is head down and soaked in hot water, no matter how hard it is, it can be opened easily even with less effort.

Share 4 kinds of general tips for opening bottle caps

1. Tape open bottle caps

. Select a tape with strong stickiness, and then stick the tape on the can cap, leaving a section of tape. At this time, hold one end of the tape with one hand and the bottle with the other. Pull the tape hard to leave the position. This position can be left longer and easy to pull. In this way, the can cap can be unscrewed. The disadvantage is that there is a bit of handgrip.

2. Open the bottle cap of the blower

. Use the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, first open the hot air of the blower and blow it against the metal bottle cap for a period of time. When the metal bottle cap is heated, it will expand. At this time, the sealing of the can head bottle is not as strong as before. At this time, pad a towel to screw the bottle cap, so as to avoid hot hands. You can easily open the bottle cap.

3、 Rubber band opening bottle cap

if you have a rubber band at home, you can also use it to open bottle cap. The friction of the rubber band material is relatively large. First take a rubber band and put it on the bottle, and then screw the cap. Because the friction becomes stronger, it is easy to hurt hands. It is recommended to wear gloves, preferably a wider rubber band. If it is a rubber band, the effect is better. The larger the force area, the greater the friction, the easier to open the bottle cap.

4. Take a few shots at the bottom of the bottle

. Because the inside of the bottle is vacuum, it will produce a vacuum degree, resulting in a negative pressure. So it’s very difficult to open. When we pat the bottom of the bottle with our hands, the can will vibrate and produce gas inside, so as to eliminate the negative pressure in the bottle. At this time, the can cap is easier to open, which is also a common method used by many people!

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