Life tips

1, how to clean the glass on the ground

if the glass is only stuck in the meat, then you can pick it out by yourself. But there will always be people in this world whose luck is a little worse than others. A brother in Guangzhou accidentally fell to the ground and just squeezed a piece of glass into the vein on his arm. Then the glass slowly entered the heart with the blood. By the time of discovery, it was too late, and this guy had to open his chest and had a major operation.

tips for you: if you break a wine bottle and glass fragments are scattered all over the ground, you can pick up large pieces first, and then clean up small pieces with a vacuum cleaner. Then, make a small dough with flour, roll it on the ground several times, and you can glue the small glass fragments left on the floor. Er & hellip& hellip; In fact, you can use gum, but to prepare such a large lump of gum may dislocate your chin.

2, what to do after cutting vegetables and hands

if you can’t find a band aid temporarily, or the band aid can’t stop bleeding at all, you can apply the protein full of gauze and then apply it on the wound. This is because protein can coagulate blood. Of course, you must use raw eggs, not cooked ones. And after eating the used raw eggs, please look at the next one.

3, what to do after food poisoning

if you accidentally eat some bright red mushrooms or unripe four season beans, prepare to induce vomiting. But there are still many buddies who can’t spit out their fingers in their throat for a long time. It doesn’t matter. You can drink some soapy water before you go to see a doctor. This kind of thing can make you vomit so much that even pregnant women feel inferior.

4, how to deal with dust in eyes

close your eyes and cough hard for several times, or scratch your nostrils and sneeze twice, then the dust in your eyes will come out by itself. It’s exaggerating, isn’t it? Not surprisingly, when people cough or sneeze, the lacrimal gland will secrete a lot of tears. These tears can help clear your eyes. Sneezing enough has the same effect on the eyes.

5, what to do if the corners of the mouth are rotten

if the corners of the mouth are rotten, don’t lick them with your tongue, otherwise saliva will remain at the corners of the mouth, forming a hypertonic environment, causing the corners of the mouth to become drier and more erosive. The treatment is also very simple, no matter what you eat, put some vinegar or sprite, because vitamin B is more easily absorbed in weak acid environment.

6, how to identify the old and new eggs. If the egg lies flat in the water, it means that it has just been plucked from the hen; If it leans in the water, it means that it has been born for three or four days; If it is upright, it may have been stored for 10 days; If the egg floats on the water, then it has only one purpose, that is to directly hit the black heart real estate developers.


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