Long term drinking a lot of milk, be careful of cancer!

drink a lot of milk for a long time, be careful of cancer!

milk is rich in many nutrients, which is also beneficial to human health. Therefore, it has become the preferred health drink in many families. But according to research findings, the benefits of milk has been over exaggerated, long-term large amount of drinking milk, may lead to the occurrence of cancer.

I think there seems to be a kind of blind trust in the mystery of nature in Chinese traditional culture. For example, in Jin Yong’s novels, it is mentioned that Guo Xiang was fed by a female leopard for a period of time when she was just born, so it is repeatedly mentioned that she was strong because she drank leopard milk. And when she grew up, strange leopards were as good as she was at first sight. It seems that if she drank leopard milk one day, she would have leopard nationality all her life.

our trust in milk is also blind. It seems that drinking milk can make children strong like calves. If Sanlu had not changed the concept of milk from & lt; The more you drink, the stronger you are; Here it is & quot; The more you drink, the more stones you get;, It is estimated that China is still immersed in & lt; A catty of milk a day makes Chinese strong; In my dream. However, there are still more and more new mothers pinning their children’s strong hope on milk. Since the quality of domestic milk powder can’t be trusted, they use various ways to buy milk powder abroad, such as online shopping, group buying, wholesale and so on& mdash; Does milk really have so much energy?

scientists in Canada have found some evidence that milk may be associated with cancer: Studies in adults over the past decade have linked milk to cancer risk& mdash; Milk can increase the risk of prostate cancer to a large extent and increase the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer to some extent. National Cancer Institute laboratory analysis found that milk contains 15 kinds of estrogen. Estrogen can stimulate the growth of a variety of tumors, especially for men’s prostate& mdash; Very low concentrations of estrogen can cause cancer, and a potential food source of estrogen is milk. Dartmouth Medical School, on the other hand, worries about an androgen in milk, which has the ability to increase the number of estrogen receptors, while the extra receptors allow more estrogen to turn on the cellular system that starts tumor growth. In other words, sex hormones in milk may be a cause of cancer in the reproductive system.

there is no end to the research on organisms. However, with the development of human beings, many scientific research achievements on health are ultimately attributed to genetics and genes: some people are suffering from all kinds of diseases, while others are strong and healthy. Therefore, nutrition can not make strict regulations on everyone’s external intake of nutrients. Milk is the same. Whether we should drink it or not still needs to be decided by ourselves. But there is one thing to remind you that according to the general living standard of the city, the ordinary three meals a day is enough to provide the necessary nutrients for the body. May I recall that when we were children, those students who were rich and grew up eating and drinking all kinds of high-grade nutrition, did they grow up to be fat and weak?

taboo of drinking milk

1. Avoid drinking milk on an empty stomach. Many people are used to drinking a glass of milk for breakfast, and don’t eat anything else. They think that this is not only time-saving and labor-saving, but also can ensure nutrition. However, this is unscientific. Because milk as a drink, more components are water, when the milk into the gastrointestinal tract, on the one hand, diluted the gastric juice, so that gastric juice can not be fully decomposed and enzymatic, not conducive to nutrient absorption; On the other hand, the retention time of milk in the intestine is very short, which is not conducive to the full absorption of a variety of nutrients. Therefore, in order to make the nutrients in milk fully absorbed by the human body, it is better to eat some pasta or other dry food before drinking milk.

two, avoid cooking for a long time. As long as the milk is boiled, a lot of nutrients will be lost after long cooking. If the heating time is long, the gelatinized protein particles in milk will appear dehydration. In addition, the unstable phosphate is transformed from acidic calcium phosphate to insoluble neutral calcium phosphate precipitate. Heating time is long, lactose in milk will be coking, not only make milk with brown, and gradually decompose to form lactic acid, but also produce a small amount of potassium acid, make milk with sour taste. Heating time is long, milk contains a small amount of vitamin C will also be destroyed.

3. It is not suitable to add rice soup in milk to feed infants, because milk contains a variety of nutrients, especially vitamin A, which is lacking in general food, is high in milk. In starch based foods such as rice noodle soup and rice porridge, there is a kind of lipoxygenase, which can destroy vitamin A. according to the experiment, milk mixed with rice soup is placed under various temperatures such as cold ice, normal temperature and heating. As a result, the loss of vitamin A is amazing. Therefore, science has proved that milk containing vitamin A should not be mixed with starch. The intake of vitamin A in infants mainly depends on dairy food. The long-term lack of vitamin A will lead to children’s growth retardation, weakness and diseases. Therefore, it is appropriate to feed milk, milk powder, rice soup and dried cake powder to infants separately.

4. Don’t add sugar when milk is heated. Otherwise, fructose, the decomposition product of lysine and sugar in milk, will form fructosyl amino acids at high temperature. It is not only difficult to be absorbed by human body, but also harmful to human health. The correct way is to wait for the milk to heat slightly and then add sugar.

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