Look at the effects of fruits and vegetables,

What’s the effect of fried vegetables with fruits?

what’s the effect of fried vegetables with fruits?

braised spareribs with pineapple:

it’s not new to put pineapple into vegetables. Although most fruits are not suitable for heating, fruits with low vitamin content, such as bananas and pineapples, contain pectin, dietary fiber, vitamin C and so on Polyphenols and other nutrients will not be lost in heating, so some traditional practices will be handed down, such as roasted banana (preferably with skin) and pineapple gooseberry. Pineapple is also a natural tenderizer, which is suitable for meat.

stir fried strawberry with celery:

strawberry is best eaten raw, it is rich in vitamins and carotene, has the effect of antipyretic and reducing fire, heating will cause the loss of vitamins. In fact, for the taste of this dish, many students use & lt; Dark cuisine & quot; To describe, Express & quot; I can’t appreciate it;. Although full of creativity, but try to be careful. Experts also suggest that, because the vitamins in fruits will be destroyed if they are exposed to high temperature, so when canteens launch such creative dishes or when you try them at home, you should pay attention to that fruits should not be fried for a long time.

orange fried meat:

orange is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, etc., which are easy to decompose and lose under high temperature. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a dietotherapy method of steaming oranges before eating them, because for people with deficiency of spleen and stomach and weak constitution, it is difficult to digest oranges raw, but it is better to eat them cooked.

Apple chicken slices:

& lt; Fried meat with apple; It seems like dark cuisine, but many fruits can be used as ingredients for cooking. As long as customers accept it, it is also an innovation. Apple is mild in nature and taste. It can be perfectly combined with high protein chicken breast meat. Vitamin A and trace elements are more easily absorbed by human body.

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