Look at the magical effect of moxa leaf ash. Correct use can help the wound stop bleeding

people often use moxibustion. Whether it is direct moxibustion or moxibustion box or can, a pile of moxa leaf ash will be left. Wormwood leaf ash has many uses, its efficacy, the role is very obvious, can solve many people’s problems. Let’s get to know it with you.

The efficacy of Artemisia argyi leaf ash is

1. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. When there is a wound, the moment when the ash is sprinkled on it is very painful, just like when alcohol is sprinkled on it. It seems that the ash itself has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects The function of sterilization. After use, the local redness and pain will gradually disappear, indicating that wormwood ash has continuous anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

2. It can help the wound stop bleeding

. When the wound is bleeding, sprinkle wormwood ash on the wound continuously, and it can stop bleeding quickly (I haven’t tried large wounds yet).

3, can keep the wound dry

when the wound has bleeding or exudation, sprinkle with wormwood ash, the wound will soon dry. If some place seeps seriously, may sprinkle the wormwood leaf ash repeatedly, similarly can maintain the wound the dryness. To ensure the dryness of the wound is the most important way to avoid infection, and it is also an essential condition for the rapid growth of the wound. The advantage of wormwood ash can not be replaced by many drugs.

4 It can well protect the wound

when the ash of Artemisia argyi leaves is sprayed on the wound and absorbs the blood or exudate, the ash of Artemisia argyi leaves will tightly stick to the wound and can well protect the wound. Although feel hard, but the actual feeling of local wounds or ventilation, there is no sense of tension. And will not be separated from water, not afraid of water washing. In contrast, the band aid invented by modern people is too inferior.

5, not easy to leave scars

in fact, whether scars will be left on the skin after injury is related to whether the wound is infected or not, and whether the blood supply at the wound is sufficient or not. The use of wormwood ash can greatly reduce the risk of wound infection. Without infection, ugly scars will not grow. And the scar to completely disappear, depends on the depth of the wound. If the wound is too deep, it will leave a mark, but not a scar. The depth of the mark is related to the adequacy of local blood supply. As long as the body’s Qi and blood is sufficient, and then the local hot compress or moxa stick is often used to promote the local blood supply, I believe the imprint left after the injury will be very shallow.

The magical effect of wormwood leaf ash

in the treatment of infant hip wet sores

babies often have red buttocks. Of course, mothers are distressed. They use a lot of cream, cream and oil, and the effect is repeated, especially for fear of dependence. If you mix moxa ash with sesame oil to smear your baby’s red buttocks, and then put on diapers as usual. When you change them next time, you will find that ha ha, little PP is not red at all. If you have a baby, you can have a try. In fact, the adult’s wet sores and the like can also be used in this way.

treatment of eczema

once a friend had a piece of eczema on his neck, and the surface was still oozing, so I sprinkled it with wormwood ash. My friend immediately cried out the pain, but when he thought that moxa leaf ash had no harm, he would bear it. He also brought some moxa leaf ash back with him. He sprinkled it on eczema several times a day, and found that the effect of drying was very obvious. Soon eczema would no longer seep out. The surface of eczema is dry, and the ash of Artemisia argyi leaves falls when it is sprinkled. My friend uses warm water to make the ash of Artemisia argyi leaves into a paste and continues to apply it to eczema. After a few days, eczema is really almost cured.

in the treatment of beriberi

when suffering from beriberi, you can apply moxa ash on the affected area, which will immediately relieve itching. General beriberi, many times a day, adhere to a few days will be cured, this method is very effective! If your beriberi is particularly serious, combined with moxibustion, it will have a better effect.

a patient’s beriberi was very serious, and it was running water, so he sprinkled the ash with wormwood leaves on it, which soon dried up, and it also had the effect of relieving itching. Later, with wormwood fumigation, the effect was very significant.

wound healing

a friend of the author’s hand was injured, bleeding a lot, timely put on the ash of moxa leaf, it was very painful at that time, but soon stopped the blood, slowly no pain. Moreover, after that, the wound will not care about it, and there is no local swelling, pain and other discomfort. Until a week later, the ash of Wormwood Leaves came off, and a scar was found on the wound, but it was flat and smooth. Then it was often smoked with wormwood sticks to promote local blood circulation. After a month, the scar was hard to see.

Treatment of acne

girl facial acne, that is, acne, red and swollen, then you put on a little ash, will soon shrivel, slowly dropped, and will not leave acne mark.

facial whitening

with moxa ash and egg white, or moxa ash and milk and honey made mask, thick coated on the face, wash after twenty minutes, you will find that not only the skin is white, but also delicate and bright.

add a little wormwood ash in the facial cleanser to wash the face. After washing, it has a very clean and refreshing feeling.

daily use

mugwort ash is a natural deodorant, packed in small cloth bags, put in the toilet, kitchen or refrigerator, can play the role of deodorant, comparable with bamboo charcoal. Some people’s feet are sweating. They put a bag of wormwood ash in their shoes. The moisture absorption effect is first-class. Wormwood ash is a good fertilizer for plants and plants. When they mix wormwood ash in the soil, the flowers and plants will grow vigorously.

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