look out! Eating apples like this will cause poisoning!

look out! Eating apples like this will cause poisoning!

be careful! Eating apples like this will cause poisoning!

Apple has a strong health preserving effect; An apple a day; It’s become a mantra. But, do you know, the way to eat apples is also very particular, eating the wrong will lead to poisoning Oh!

let’s talk about the nutritional value of apples. Apples are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols and flavonoids. They are all natural antioxidants, which are especially effective in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

. However, when eating apples, you must not eat apple kernels because they contain hydrocyanic acid. The researchers found that hydrocyanic acid in the apple core. A large amount of sediment in the body, will lead to dizziness, headache, respiratory rate and other symptoms, serious may appear coma.

therefore, when you want to eat apples, you must not eat the core, otherwise it is very dangerous. In fact, there are many & lt; False & quot; Apples, they don’t taste like fruit. This is because in the process of growing, they are used with growth promoting hormone, erythropoietin and expansin, or they are over used with preservatives in storage, or even used with colorants, waxing, bleaching and dyeing in the sale, all of which are used by consumers; The fruit depends on its appearance; These poisonous fruits have become a serious threat to people’s health.

how to choose a good apple?

experts suggest that you don’t buy too red apples. You’d better have a little stripe. The more, the better. It looks like it’s going to be & quot; Split & quot; This kind of fruit is delicious.

when it comes to not buying too red apples, what kind of apples are the best? The more stripes you choose, the better. It looks like & lt; Split & quot; That kind of stripe. That kind of fruit I really eat experience, are very sweet.

in addition, when you buy an apple, you have to look at its pedicel. If the pedicel is light green, it means that it won’t take long to pick, that is, it’s still fresh. If the pedicel is yellow or black, it’s obvious that it has been picked for a long time and looks fresh. It’s just stored well, but it’s not fresh after all.

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