Love sweet food, be careful of gastric ulcer!

Love sweet food, be careful of gastric ulcer!

love sweets, be careful of gastric ulcer!

sweet food is sweet in the five flavors of traditional Chinese medicine, corresponding to the spleen. Eating sweet food properly can play the role of Tonifying Spleen Qi. Most of the drugs for tonifying the spleen and stomach are sweet, such as Astragalus, yam and licorice, which have the function of Tonifying the middle and Qi; There are also many drugs that are of the same origin as medicine and food, such as lentils, jujubes, malt sugar, honey, etc., which can play the role of sweet, warm, invigorating Qi, slowing down and relieving pain. People with spleen deficiency should take some of the above drugs properly, which is beneficial to the body.

is also sweet. There is another saying in traditional Chinese medicine, that is & lt; Sweetness can make people happy;. That is to say, if you eat too much sweet food, you can cause stagnation of Qi and problems in qi circulation, which are manifested as abdominal distension, fullness, loss of appetite, etc. People with spleen deficiency, in particular, are weak in their ability to transport and transform themselves. If they can supplement without restraint, they will become dampness and cannot be used by the human body. So don’t think sweet food can fill the spleen to eat, sweet people don’t take this as an excuse, to know that extreme things will turn.

according to modern medicine, sweet food can increase gastric acid secretion, which may induce acid reflux, heartburn, stomachache and other discomfort. Patients with erosive gastritis, gastric ulcer and gastroesophageal reflux disease should be cautious.

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