Love TA, let him eat healthy!

Love TA, let him eat healthy!

love TA, let him eat healthy!

we must be strict in choosing the things that are better for the health of family members, especially for the things they don’t like the most. The following nutrition suggestions may play a role:

1, never give up, encourage the people we love to eat more different kinds of vegetables and fruits, People who increase their intake of fruits and vegetables tend to increase their life satisfaction and happiness, and they tend to live more happily.

2. Formulate dietary rules. Some parents who do not obey the rules, such as parents who do not eat breakfast or eat while watching TV, often bring bad eating habits to minors. Supportive family environment for nutrition and health often makes children better abide by dietary rules.

3. Make a diet and snack plan in advance. Five kinds of nutritious foods include: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat foods (fish, chicken, eggs, etc.), and dairy products (yogurt, cheese and milk, etc.). Prepare breakfast and lunch for school or work the next day the night before, and refrigerate.

4. Show parents which foods belong to basic foods and which foods are not. Children can easily identify foods with essential nutrients, but it is difficult to identify foods with high energy density, poor nutrition or junk food; The proportion of people in Australia who freely choose food is often more than 35%, while the recommended maximum standard is 15%. Many people need to reduce the amount of food they freely choose by at least half.

5. Try to cook at home. The more people cook, the more they can have good and healthy eating habits. Moreover, these individuals often have more nutritious and healthy eating strategies, and usually don’t spend too much money.

spend time making diet plans, cooking and looking for nutritious food for your loved ones or making them healthier; Moreover, frequent family meals usually bring additional benefits, including improving the mental health of family members, self-respect, and improving children’s academic performance. How to show how much we love our family can be seen from how to teach them to cook, set the table and share healthy food.

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