Making cakes with pressure cooker

is a favorite choice for many people. There are many kinds of cakes. When you choose cakes, you can do it according to your preference. However, when you eat cakes, you also need to master some ways and methods. Only when you eat cakes in this way, it will not damage all aspects of the human body, and when you eat them, It is also conducive to the healthy development of human body. How about making cakes with pressure cooker? It’s also a good way to make cakes in this way.

many people don’t know much about pressure cooker cake making, so they don’t know how to make it. If they want to make such food well, they should have a good understanding of its making.

pressure cooker cake:

ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, oil

steps / METHODS:

beat eggs according to the amount, generally speaking, four as the standard, and then separate the egg white.

beat the egg white with an egg beater. Start adding a little salt. In order to highlight the sweetness, add a spoonful of sugar and continue beating. When the egg white is beaten to the following concentration, add a second spoonful of sugar and continue beating.

has no accurate timing. When the egg white concentration basically meets the requirements, stir it clockwise with chopsticks for 2 or 3 minutes, and it will turn into cream. What’s more, the chopsticks won’t fall off.

add 2 spoons of sugar, 3 spoons of flour and 6 spoons of milk to the egg yolk.

stir for a while to make a paste.

put the cream like egg white into the electric pressure cooker, stir up and down to make the egg white and yolk fully integrate.

put a little oil at the bottom of the electric pressure cooker, pour the stirred paste into the electric pressure cooker, shake the cooker to make the bubbles disperse. Press the cook button, 25 minutes later, did not automatically jump to the insulation, so manually turn off the power, wait for 4, 5 minutes to turn on.

through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of the method of making cake with pressure cooker. When we make it, we can do it in the above way. But when we eat this kind of food, we should also master the time. In the evening, we should try to eat less, so that the body will not be obese.

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