Many people don’t know how to save energy for household appliances, so that you don’t worry about the electricity bill any more

are you worried about the electricity bill every month? Racking your brains to find a way to save electricity is counterproductive? As a matter of fact, many families continue to use incandescent lamps, but as long as you change a fluorescent lamp, the energy saving index will be greatly improved. At present, LED fluorescent lamps, a better environmental protection and energy-saving product, can replace 40 watts of incandescent lamps with 2 watts, and 20 watts of ordinary fluorescent lamps and 20 watts of ordinary energy-saving lamps with 4 watts.

2, suitable installation height to improve lighting: installation height should be appropriate( For example, if a 20 Watt fluorescent lamp is installed 1 meter high, the illumination is 60 lux; 0.8 meters high is 93.75 lux. If the height is properly lowered, the wattage can be reduced and the power consumption can be saved.

2. Air conditioning

many people think that the increase in electricity charges in summer is mainly due to more air conditioning. In fact, it is not unreasonable. After all, the power consumption of air conditioning is still a big head. Therefore, it is very important to know the power saving method of air conditioning.

1, choose a reasonable temperature: air conditioning refrigeration state, every increase of 1 ℃ can save about 10% of the electricity. In summer, you don’t need to adjust the air conditioner too low. 25-27 ℃ can not only reduce the temperature and power, but also reduce the risk of catching a cold. From a health point of view, the best temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is 4-5 ℃ in midsummer, which can prevent people from catching a cold because of the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, otherwise they are easy to get cold; Air conditioning disease;.

2, frequent switch, injury machine and power consumption: when it is hot, turn it on and off, and the number of switch times of air conditioner increases, the air conditioner will be in operation all the time. After all, when it is turned on, it is the most dynamic, and the power consumption also goes up slowly. Experts remind that if you leave the room for a long time, you should turn off the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is turned on, it consumes a lot of power. You should avoid turning it on and off frequently. The air filter screen should be cleaned at least once a year.

3, frequency conversion air conditioning is more energy-saving: choose the frequency conversion air conditioning with fluorine-free, environmental protection and high energy efficiency. Every 0.1 increase in energy consumption ratio can save 4% of electricity. Frequency conversion air conditioning can adjust the temperature faster than constant speed air conditioning. After reaching the set temperature, frequency conversion air conditioning can operate at low speed with only 10% power of constant frequency air conditioning, so as to adjust the slight loss of temperature and maintain constant temperature.

4. It is cooler to use with fan: the combination of electric fan and air conditioner can not only improve the refrigeration efficiency of air conditioner when it is started, but also appropriately increase the temperature of air conditioner, so as to increase the widely accepted room temperature from 26 ℃ to 28 ℃, which saves electricity and money.

3、 Electric fan

1, medium or slow: the power consumption of the electric fan is directly proportional to the speed of the fan blade. When the air volume meets the use requirements, medium or slow should be used as far as possible. For example, the 400 mm electric fan consumes 60 watts when it is in fast gear and only 40 watts when it is in slow gear, which can save one third of power.

2, fast gear first and then gear adjustment: if the electric fan starts from slow gear at the beginning of starting, the voltage of slow gear is low, the starting speed is slow, and the current is 4-8 times larger than normal, which consumes more power and affects the service life of the fan. In normal use, the faster the fan speed, the greater the power consumption. For the same fan, the power consumption difference between the fastest gear and the slowest gear is about 40%. Therefore, the electric fan can be used in high speed gear at the start-up stage, and then shift to medium speed gear or low speed gear after reaching the rated speed.

3, regular maintenance: in addition, a well maintained electric fan can save electricity; The electric fan which is short of oil, variable blade and easy to vibrate consumes electricity. Timely cleaning of the electric fan can keep it clean and save energy.

4, audio-visual home appliances

1, adjust the brightness more energy-saving: when using the TV, do not turn on the brightness too much, this can not only save energy, but also extend the service life. Every additional 1 Watt Audio strategy increases 3-4 watts of power, and the brightest state consumes 50-60% more power than the darkest state. If the TV brightness is lowered, it can save 10%.

2, dust effective: add a dust cover, can prevent the TV inhale too much dust, dust more TV easy leakage, increase power consumption, also affect the sound quality and picture quality.

5、 Refrigerator

refrigerator is almost all year round, Xiaobian’s refrigerator is in addition to power failure or shoveling ice, other time will not stop operation. So, will it consume a lot of power when it is on all day? In fact, it’s not necessary. You can save more power by doing the following steps correctly!

1, avoid increasing the temperature around the refrigerator: most families choose to put the refrigerator in the kitchen, but in fact, the kitchen temperature is too high, not suitable for the refrigerator, if you can’t change it, try to put it in the shade to avoid direct sunlight, at the same time, don’t put it together with the oven, TV, audio, microwave oven, etc., this will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator.

2. Do not store food too full: Reserve convection space for food storage and keep the temperature in the box balanced; Hot food should be put into the refrigerator after it is cooled to room temperature. Hot food will lead to more refrigeration and increase power consumption.

3, adjust the refrigerator temperature properly: the external conditions also have an impact on the work of the refrigerator. We should adjust the refrigerator temperature controller reasonably according to the seasonal change, the type and quantity of food. According to the characteristics of our own refrigerator, after all, the refrigerator is temperamental! 6, other

1, washed rice in the pot soak 30 minutes, and then warm water or hot water cooking, can save 30% of electricity.

2. Cut off the power when the appliance is not in use. Although the energy consumption of household appliances in standby mode is small, it also accounts for about 10% of the total household electricity consumption. A little makes a lot, so we should form the habit of turning off the power.

3. The water heater can be set with a time switch. It is unnecessary to turn on all day. It is a good way to save energy to turn on the water heater at noon or the hottest time in the afternoon. It can be turned off automatically at midnight and early in the morning.

see so many small coups to save electricity, do you have the feeling of suddenly rising posture? Get up immediately, you can also be a life housekeeper ~

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