Master 6 cooking tips to keep away from hidden fat

holding biscuit in left hand and fried chicken in right hand & hellip& hellip; This picture is very beautiful just thinking about it. However, have you found that these special delicious foods can’t stop after a few meals? Yes, high-fat foods do make people happy; Addiction;. Now follow to understand it!

A study has shown that a high-fat diet can & lt; Manipulation & quot; People’s brain, stimulate the hypothalamus to produce inflammation, and induce the body to eat more calories, causing people to eat more. Just three days in a row, you may not be able to quit.

when it comes to high fat, people all know it; Bad;. Not only increase the risk of obesity, excessive intake of trans fatty acids will increase the risk of coronary heart disease, and excessive palm oil will increase the risk of dyslipidemia.

: Bacon and other processed meat products: the bright color of processed meat products is likely to hide a lot of fat, just because the fat is stirred to pieces and then pressed to form, which is not easy to be seen.

canned food: whether it is canned fruit or canned meat, a lot of nutrients are destroyed, especially all kinds of vitamins are almost destroyed. In addition, the protein in canned products is often denatured, which greatly reduces the digestibility and absorption rate and greatly reduces the nutritional value; Shrink;. In addition, many canned fruits contain high sugar and are taken into the human body with liquid as the carrier, which greatly increases the absorption rate of sugar. It can lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar and increase the pancreatic load in a short time after eating. At the same time, due to the high energy, it may lead to obesity.

cream products: eating cream products often can lead to weight gain, and even increase blood sugar and blood lipid. Eating cream cake before meals can also reduce appetite. High fat and high sugar components often affect gastrointestinal emptying, and even lead to gastroesophageal reflux. Many people have acid regurgitation, heartburn and other symptoms after eating butter products on an empty stomach.

in addition, fried chicken, kebab, cake, hamburger and other foods also belong to considerable fat.

The fat content of nuts and soybeans is very high.

nuts are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and even some active health care ingredients that are beneficial to the body. They are nutritious food, but they are also rich in fat, So we suggest eating nuts in moderation.

soybeans also belong to this category. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend eating 25 grams of soybeans and nuts a day; 35 grams.

master 6 cooking tips to reduce oil

avoid high-fat diet, on the one hand, reduce the use of cooking oil, no more than 25 grams per day & mdash; 30 grams, on the other hand, we should be on guard against the above & lt; A big fat farmer;. In addition, we need to master some cooking skills. Because delicious food does not have to be rich in oil. Instead, more oil will cover the original taste of food, leaving only a strong oil flavor. Therefore, less oil, more exploration, can also make delicious food.

1, using steaming, boiling and stewing instead of frying

if you are used to frying food, you can try to gradually reduce the frequency of consumption, then try steaming, boiling, stewing and other cooking methods, supplemented by certain seasoning techniques, such as skillfully using lemon, vinegar and other seasonings, to create your favorite taste, Make simple cooking with less oil full of flavor.

2. Before making meat, peel it first and avoid frying it. If you want to stew chicken, spareribs, beef and mutton, you might as well remove part of the subcutaneous fat first, then blanch it with water, and then remove part of the fat to reduce & lt; Big meat & quot; The original fat. Try not to fry in oil before stewing.

3, meat and vegetable collocation, dilute the fat in meat

if you want to eat meat, you can also have a meat and vegetable collocation. When stewing chicken, ribs or beef, you can add some dry goods or vegetables such as agaric, mushroom, kelp, lotus root, bamboo shoots, etc. to dilute the fat concentration in disguise, and you can also save the cooking oil of cooking alone. It’s not wrong to eat meat and vegetables.

4 Some vegetables are easy to absorb oil and need special attention. For example, eggplant, beans, and Pleurotus eryngii are not easy to eat even if they put too much oil in cooking, Otherwise, steamed and supplemented with certain seasonings, it is also delicious to make cold dishes.

, eat green leafy vegetables, oil boiled or boiled after seasoning

green leafy vegetables originally had very good health benefits, can be fried, but if more oil, but offset its nutritional contribution. Therefore, you can use oil boiling (first a small amount of water boiling, add an appropriate amount of sesame oil or olive oil to cook together) or direct water boiling method, after the pot seasoning can be appropriate.

6, staple food avoid frying too much oil

, avoid frying staple food often, skillfully use non stick pot, can put less oil or no oil, make delicious eggs and vegetable cakes and other staple food.

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