Matters needing attention in flying

the improvement of living standards has greatly improved the human body in all aspects. Nowadays, there are more means of transportation to go out. Trains, cars and planes are common choices. The plane is the best choice for many people. The speed of the plane is fast, and it also saves time to get to some places, There are also many things to pay attention to when flying, and we need to understand this.

many people don’t know how to do well when they are flying. What are the precautions for flying? The following is a detailed introduction, so that they have a good understanding of this problem and know how to do the best.

matters needing attention for flying:

1. Early booking of air tickets and time to observe. During the Spring Festival, air tickets are in short supply, so it is safe to book air tickets early. After booking the ticket, be sure to buy it back within the time specified by the airline, otherwise, the seat will be cancelled due to overtime. In addition, it is best to check in at the airport 90 minutes before the departure of the plane.

2. What to do after a missed flight? You don’t have to panic after a missed flight. You can go to the relevant department to confirm the missed flight before 12:00 noon the next day after the flight takes off, and then you can take the follow-up flight. The missed flight fee is free once. If you want to continue to travel, you have to pay 20% of the ticket fee.

three, valuables should carry cash, securities, jewelry, antiques and other valuables, do not carry in the checked luggage. In addition to the value declared at the time of check-in, if the above items are lost or damaged, they can only be compensated as general items according to the relevant civil aviation laws. It is better to bring these items into the cabin as carry on items or hand luggage and keep them by themselves.

4. How to take the plane for patients with special diseases. Generally speaking, passengers with mobility difficulties can take the plane and ask the airline to provide wheelchair or stretcher services when booking seats. Some passengers with special diseases should not take the plane, such as severe heart failure, severe otitis media, recent spontaneous pneumothorax, etc Patients with nervous system diseases who have undergone pneumothorax in recent years; For large mediastinal tumor, giant hernia, intestinal obstruction, head injury, increased intracranial pressure, skull fracture, etc., if you want to take the plane, you must fill in the “diagnosis certificate” 96 hours before the flight, which is signed by the doctor, sealed by the hospital and indicated that it is suitable for taking the plane. This certificate is valid for severe patients before the flight, In addition, you must fill in the relevant application form as required.

5. You must bring your ID card (ID card, registered permanent residence (people under 16 years old without ID card) and passport. If your ID card is lost or in the process of processing, you can use the certificate of the public security expert organ at or above the local police station, excluding the public security expert organ and security organ of enterprises and institutions. If you lose your ID card in the process of checking in at the airport, you can get a temporary boarding certificate from the airport public security expert branch. All the above certificates must be in duplicate (you have to stay for file after the security inspection on the way back and forth). The proof requires photos and the reason and time of boarding.;

6. After arriving at the airport, large luggage needs to be checked in (volume over 20 * 40 * 55 cm, weight over 5 kg). Check in at the same time when you check in. If you have a pet at home and you don’t want to leave it alone, you also need to check in. Besides, you need to go to the animal and plant quarantine station to get your pet’s health certificate. You also need a box to hold it and make it feel comfortable, with breathable bags.

seven, next, we must pass the security check. Before you pass the security check, please check your luggage and carry out the items you can not carry with you, such as liquor (Baijiu packing intact, beer can not be carried), knife (knife 6CM below Swiss Army knife can be checked), defense device (not portable). Drinks (one person can’t have more than two bottles, one 500ml, extra shipping), and some common sense: for example, flammable and explosive, highly toxic, controlled knives, g-u-n ammunition, etc. These are not allowed to be taken.

8. After the security check, you can wait in the waiting room for the broadcast to board. You must listen to your flight number and gate, and don’t get on the wrong plane.

9. Finally on the plane, the beautiful flight attendant will remind you to turn off your mobile phone and some electronic products, such as Walkman, MP3 and so on. Finally, I wish you a pleasant journey.

through the above introduction, I have a good understanding of the matters needing attention in flying. Therefore, when making a plane, I also need to understand these. However, I should pay attention to that when taking a plane, the mobile phone should be turned off, otherwise it will interfere with the operation of the plane, which needs to be understood.

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