Melon and fruit vegetables can replace leaf vegetables

Melon and fruit vegetables can replace leafy vegetables

melon and fruit vegetables can replace leafy vegetables

leafy vegetables and melon vegetables nutrition is similar 6667

in the daily diet intake of vegetables and fruits, can supplement the body’s daily vitamins and amino acids, At the same time, the water contained in vegetables and fruits has a good effect on human intestinal peristalsis and skin metabolism. Therefore, every day in the diet to ensure that there are sufficient vegetables.

in many people’s ideas, they tend to think that leaf vegetables are authentic vegetables, and melons can only be regarded as auxiliary vegetables. In fact, the water content and vitamin content of most melon fruits are much higher than those of leaf vegetables. Therefore, in the late summer and early autumn when the high temperature does not subside, eating more fruits and vegetables can actually supplement the water needed by the body to achieve the effect of health and Qi.

therefore, in the current market environment of leafy vegetables, smart consumers may as well turn their attention to melon and fruit vegetables, which can also meet your daily vitamin demand.

melons and fruits are more suitable for making Bento than leafy vegetables

for fashion white-collar workers, melon and fruit vegetables are more suitable for appearing in your bento box than leafy vegetables. Because vegetables generally contain more nitrate, especially vegetables with large amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Under the action of nitrate reductase, nitrate will be converted into nitrite and react with amino acids and lower amines in food to form carcinogenic nitrosamines and nitrosamines, which may increase the risk of gastric cancer. Among all vegetables, leaf vegetables have the highest nitrate content, while melon vegetables are the safest. Therefore, white-collar workers who have the habit of taking food still choose melons and fruits as the representative of vegetables.

eggplant skin and bean sprout tips are rich in nutrients.

if you peel and fry the fruits simply, you may lose the most nutritious part of the fruits. For example, eggplant’s most commendable function of strengthening blood vessels comes from eggplant skin. It concentrates most of the anthocyanins and antioxidants of eggplant, and also contains high concentrations of pectin and flavonoids. It’s a pity to lose it. At the same time, the spicy radish skin contains a lot of isothiocyanates, which is the key part of radish. But such as potatoes and sweet potato skin is best not to eat.

in fact, in addition to the skin, the white sponge part of green pepper seed, the white core of wax gourd and the pinched bean sprout tip are all nutrient rich parts. The most nutritious part of bean sprouts is not the white and tender stalk, but the light yellow bud tip, and the root is the place with the highest cellulose, which is time-consuming and laborious; Picking vegetables & quot;, In the end, we get the parts with the least nutrition, which is really a negative benefit. The white core of green pepper and wax gourd are places with high vitamin C content, so it’s a pity to lose them.

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