Men choose shoes on the principle of comfort

what skills do men have to buy Shoes & shy; A lot of male friends ask this question. In fact, there are no skills. The main reason is that you don’t use them carefully. If you choose shoes carefully, I believe you can choose shoes suitable for you. However, when you choose shoes, you can get twice the result with half the effort by knowing some skills.

1, size

choose shoes with the principle of comfort. Generally speaking, the width is better when the foot is under stress; It’s better not to clip or top the toes and not slide in the shoes when walking. In addition, the time to buy shoes is also particular. In the afternoon, due to slight swelling of the feet, the size of the shoes is appropriate; If you try your shoes in the morning, you should leave some space to avoid squeezing your feet for a long time. Among the

2 and

leather shoes, synthetic leather has the worst air permeability (it is easy to sweat and stink when wearing. After a long time, not only the feet can’t stand it, but also the artificial leather on the surface will fall off one by one). Generally, natural leather shoes have better air permeability, especially pig leather, because the pores of pig leather are several times thicker than those of cow leather, and the pores are much larger, so sweat is easy to be discharged. But leather is not as beautiful as cow leather. To add a sentence is: pigskin is generally used in shoes lining leather.


in addition to choosing your favorite style, you should also pay attention to whether the stitch size is uniform and whether the two shoes are completely symmetrical. Then put the tip of the shoe towards yourself on the counter and check whether the contact point between the sole and the counter is in the center of the forefoot. If there is deviation, wearing on the foot is prone to side deviation, leading to shoe deformation.

4, leather

. There are two kinds of leather upper: smooth leather and reverse leather. The smooth leather shoes with good quality have uniform grain size, smooth and fine, no wrinkles and scars; The brightness and color are uniform. The color is bright and bright. There is no difference between light and shade. When pressing the skin with fingers, the wrinkles are even and small. After releasing the fingers, the wrinkles disappear immediately; The hand model feels soft, smooth, elastic and not stiff, and the thickness of the leather is even and moderate. The reverse leather shoes with good quality have fine, soft and uniform fur on the surface, consistent color, no thick and long fibers and oil stains, no obvious wrinkles and scars, and the touch feeling is the same as that of smooth leather shoes. General animal leather shoes wear 2 ~ 3 years will not appear off the skin phenomenon.

5, sole

. There are two kinds of sole, leather and gum. Good quality leather sole, smooth surface, uniform color, no oil spots, stains and scars, uniform thickness; With fingers, the sound is clear, and the hand model feels very solid. This kind of sole is flexible and plump, with high tensile strength and strong wear resistance. Good quality rubber sole, smooth and consistent surface, neat pattern, each pattern corner should be bright and complete. From the side view, the section is uniform and fine, without impurities, large and small particles, and uneven thickness; Feel with hand, should have better tenacity and flexibility feeling. If it’s glued leather shoes, check whether the bottom and upper bottom are tightly glued and flat, and there should be no gap or glue left. Lightweight synthetic resin bottom feels the best, light and wear-resistant.

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