Methods and foods for nourishing stomach:

now, what are the foods for nourishing stomach:

1, roasted bun

, roasted steamed bread can help the stomach, so try it as a staple food. Staple foods such as bread and steamed bread are carbohydrates. Eating these foods tends to stimulate gastric acid secretion and increase pantothenic acid. But if you eat bread and steamed bread, bake them and eat them, you will be able to play & lt; Gastric enhancement & quot; The role of the government. This is because a layer of gelatinization is formed on the burnt bread and steamed bread. This layer can neutralize gastric acid, inhibit gastric acid secretion and protect gastric mucosa. This is an ancient treatment, mainly for patients with chronic superficial gastritis. It is also suitable for most patients with gastroenteritis.

it should be noted that, first of all, attention should be paid to the heat of barbecue, baking to orange or golden, do not bake, or eat more bad than good; Secondly, people with bad stomach and intestines should not eat more toast and baked buns, every 1-2 of them are OK; There’s no need to eat hot bread again. It can be a little dry.

2, noodles

the nutrition of staple food is noodles. Noodles are rich in carbohydrates, provide enough energy, and absorb a lot of water during cooking. When 100 grams of noodles are cooked, they will turn into about 400 grams, which will produce a strong sense of satiety. In addition, noodles can stimulate people’s thinking activities. The human brain and nervous system need 50% carbohydrate food. Noodles are the food that the human brain needs. Hard wheat contains B vitamins, which can stimulate brain cells.

3 , sweet potato

baked sweet potato is a snack that can be seen everywhere in the north. Because the sweet taste of sweet potato is also good for health, it is also very popular. And sweet potatoes can also accumulate in the stomach. Sweet potato itself will nourish the stomach, its rich dietary fiber can eliminate food, increase appetite. But sweet potato can promote gastric acid secretion, so usually too much acid, often acid reflux, heartburn people should not eat more. Usually eat sweet potato porridge, steamed sweet potato is a good choice.

when eating sweet potato, it is better not to eat it in drinking water, or a small amount of sweet potato to increase the consumption of rice bran porridge, which can reduce gastrointestinal discomfort. Children are more likely to have this problem than adults. Only sweet potato porridge is recommended for infants; Older children can replace some of their staple foods with sweet potatoes in a meal, but not more than one-third of the total.

4, porridge

speaking of stomach, porridge is absolutely the best choice, easy to digest, as early as in ancient times, people have noticed the effect of porridge on health care.

2. Stomach nourishing methods:

1, abdominal massage

before going to bed every night, put your hands on each other’s top, draw a circle around your navel, and then use your palm to make it 30 degrees to the left and 30 degrees to the right. The strength begins to decrease, and the strength behind may be a little stronger. In the long run, it can effectively improve gastrointestinal function, but also can reduce stomach pain!

2, healthy drinking water

after getting up and brushing teeth, drink a cup of warm water every morning, about 100ml, to help clean up the intestines; Drink around 10 noon; Drink before lunch; Drink around 3pm; If you have soup at night, you can skip drinking water. It should be noted that after 9:30 in the evening, it is best not to drink water, so as not to get up the next morning, eye edema.

3, warm stomach

although it is spring, but the cold has not completely subsided, the temperature difference between day and night is still very large, so people with chronic gastritis should pay special attention to the temperature of the stomach, add clothes in time, and cover the bedding at night, in order to prevent abdominal cold.

Yangwei folk prescription

chicken laisan:

chicken Neijin 3G, Raphani seed 6G, stir fried Huangyan powder, three times warm boiled water. Stomachache, abdominal distension, anorexia, nausea and vomiting are suitable.

crucian carp pepper and ginger soup:

crucian carp 500g, wash and slice, boil in water, add Douchi, pepper, dried ginger and tangerine peel, eat on an empty stomach. Can not eat, weak, stomach full, meet cold hair, like warm like, cold limbs are particularly appropriate.

ginger jujube drink:

ginger 5 pieces, red jujube 10 pieces, fried instead of tea. Pepper and ginger porridge: add 1 gram of pepper noodles into 50 grams of rice or millet to make porridge. Suitable for stomach cold sudden pain, cold pain, dull mouth, pan spit water.

lotus root powder:

15g or water chestnut powder 15g. Stomach heat dull pain, dry mouth, dry stool, hand, foot and heart heat.

Conditioning method

1, from the work and rest of life, at least three meals a day to time quantitative, it is best to set a schedule for themselves, and then strictly abide by. This will also have an impact on sleep time, because some people who go to bed late and get up late eat breakfast and Chinese food together. This habit must be changed. It is not that eating supper at night can make up for it, because although people’s biological clock can move back and forth, it is always within a certain range, and it is impossible to make too much difference. If you don’t believe it, you can check the information about the body’s biological clock.

2. The general symptoms of people with poor gastric digestive function are that they will be full if they eat a little more, and they will have stomach distension if they eat a little more. Especially if they eat more at night, they will fall asleep because of stomach stagflation. Hard, fibrous things are hard to digest. Therefore, it is suggested to eat less and more meals. If it is not dinner time, you can add some food, but not too much. Remember that this is not dinner, and dinner should be eaten normally. The food is mainly soft and loose. Some tough and refreshing things should not be eaten more because they are the most difficult to digest. Soup is best to drink before meals, after meals will also increase dyspepsia. It’s better not to eat two or three hours before going to sleep, otherwise it’s easy to affect sleep. If you feel empty, you can drink more water.

3. People with stomach diseases should give up smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea and carbonated drinks.

4, soybean milk is good, but it is cold, milk is also cold, people with stomach disease should try to eat less or not.

5, steamed bread can nourish the stomach, might as well try as a staple food.

6. Other vegetables and fruits are indispensable to the human body, so they should be sufficient. But it’s better to cook it soft before eating, so that the stomach will feel better. Vegetables and peel fiber is more, can be moderately edible, but not too much, not easy to digest, so fruit can be relatively more to eat.

7. People with stomach diseases are not suitable for exercise after meals. It’s better to have a rest and wait until the food in the stomach is almost digested before starting to work. Or walking slowly is also better for digestion. In short, it’s not suitable for work after meals.

8. In non acute cases, taking medicine is not recommended, because long-term taking medicine has side effects, and stomach disease is a chronic disease, which can not be cured in a short time. If necessary, it is recommended to see traditional Chinese medicine, which is especially effective for nourishing the stomach.

9. Papaya is suitable for the spleen of the stomach and can be used as food for nourishing the stomach. However, for people with more acid stomach, don’t use too much. Moreover, we must remember that the spleen likes dryness and aversion to cold, and the stomach likes moistening and aversion to dryness. In addition to ice, other cold foods such as mung bean paste should not be eaten more.

10. Again, stomach disease is a chronic disease, which cannot be cured in a short time. The best way to cure a disease is to rely on & quot; Raise & quot;, If you are not in a hurry, you can only get it from the improvement of your living habits. We all need a good stomach, and these habit changes are necessary.

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