Methods of deodorization in daily life:

Life deodorization method

life deodorization method

1, cigarette smell

now, whether men or women, smoking seems to be a trend, indoor smoking, smoke around, harmful to health, if you realize this problem, you can dip in the vinegar gauze in the indoor waving or light a candle, smoke away.

2, moldy smell

every year in the plum rain season, the house is very wet, the indoor suitcases, closets, drawers often emit moldy smell, you can put a piece of soap in it, moldy smell is removed, you can also put the sun dried tea residue into gauze bag, distribution, not only can remove the moldy smell, but also send out a faint fragrance.

3, paint smell

the newly painted wall or furniture has a strong paint smell. To remove the paint smell, you only need to put two pots of cold brine in the room for one or two days to remove the paint smell. You can also soak the onion in the pot, which is also effective.

4, kitchen odor

cooking in the kitchen, all kinds of food flavor is very strong, you put a little vinegar in the pot heating evaporation, kitchen odor can be eliminated.

, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind,

bedroom air is dirty, and a few drops of perfume or toilet water can be dripped on the bulb.

6, kerosene smoke smell

cooking with kerosene stove or honeycomb briquette, in the combustion process, to produce black smoke, if you add a few drops of vinegar in kerosene or honeycomb briquette, the smoke smell can be reduced or eliminated.

7, fishy smell

if there is fishy smell in the frying pan, heat the pan and put some used warm tea, the fishy smell will disappear.

8, stew smell

when stewing, add a few orange peel in the pot to remove the smell or greasy, and increase the taste of the soup.

9, flower fertilizer stink

in indoor flowers, if the fermentation solution is used as fertilizer, it will emit a kind of stink. At this time, the fresh orange peel can be chopped up and mixed with liquid fertilizer, and the stink can be eliminated.

10, tofu sour taste

when found tofu sour, can be soaked in 5% soda solution for half an hour, rinse, sour taste is removed.

11, toilet stink

although the toilet is often washed, it still stinks. You can open a box of cool oil or essential balm and put it in the corner of the toilet, which can deodorize and repel mosquitoes. Can also be placed in a small cup of vinegar, odor will naturally disappear.

12, the stink of garbage can

when the metal garbage emits the stink, the waste newspaper can be ignited and put in quickly, and the stink will be removed immediately.

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