Methods of healthy eating seafood:

Methods of healthy eating seafood:

methods of healthy eating seafood:

don’t eat viscera.

heavy metals and other pollutants are easy to accumulate in the visceral mass of shellfish, while the content of heavy metals in muscle is the lowest. Therefore, we can only eat the muscle part of shellfish& ldquo; Look at the color & quot; It is a simple way to judge. After opening the shell, the slightly blackened meat is mostly visceral mass. Some shellfish have a black sand line inside and can’t be eaten.

the shell is smooth.

compared with oysters and scallops, razor clams and mussels are clean and smooth in appearance with less dirt and pollution.

, soak in salt water and heat fully.

put shellfish in salt water before cooking; Keep & quot; For a period of time, this will help the shellfish excrete all kinds of toxins and sand, and then carefully clean the surface of the shell with a small brush. The first choice of cooking methods is steaming and boiling, which can thoroughly heat and kill bacteria. Barbecue method is easy to cause uneven heat, cooked outside and raw inside, it is recommended to use less.

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