Methods of skillfully recovering hardened towel:

Ingenious recovery method of hardened towel

ingenious recovery method of hardened towel

towel used for a long time at home, will become hard, like a bath towel, used in the body, face are stabbed flustered, but it is a good choice to use it to remove dead skin.

ordinary towel is used on this one. Many people directly replace it with a new one. The old one is used as a rag (um, for example, me!). But if you are a person who can live a good life (for example, our parents) and are reluctant to throw it away or use it for other purposes, you can try the following move to soften your hedgehog like towel ~

operation steps:

1, pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar into clean water, and the ratio of water to vinegar is 4:1.

2. Soak the towel in vinegar water for 20 minutes, then rub it gently and screw it dry.

3. Finally, wash the towel twice in warm water at about 40 degrees and dry it in a ventilated place.

the reason why the vinegar should be washed with warm water at last is that when the vinegar meets the warm water of about 40 degrees, the sour taste will soon evaporate.

do not use rice vinegar and mature vinegar to soak towel, otherwise it will be dyed and cannot be washed out. If you are a rich man, you can use a lemon juice in the same proportion. It tastes better. But before you use it, you must first calculate how much we bought the towel. Don’t look back. The whole lemon is more expensive than the towel.

I have another method, which has been used for many years. Every time I dry the towel, I hold one end of the towel, draw a circle, and throw it for more than ten times before drying it. In this way, the fibers on the towel stand up and become soft naturally after drying.

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