Microwave oven baked peanuts

peanuts are the favorite of many people. This kind of food has high nutritional value. It is rich in protein, carbohydrate and fat. When you lose weight, choosing peanuts will not do any harm to human health. Therefore, it is a healthy choice. What about microwave oven baked peanuts, There are many ways to make peanuts, but it is a simple and good choice to bake peanuts in microwave oven.

when making peanuts, many people will choose microwave oven to roast peanuts, which will not take too much time. Moreover, after making peanuts, it also makes peanuts taste very unique, so it is a good choice.

microwave oven baked peanuts:

materials: 200g peanut kernels, 5g salt, 8g sugar, 5g five spice powder


1, soak and wash peanuts with boiling water first, drain water for standby.

2, salt, sugar, five spice powder in a bowl, with the right amount of water to boil, and then into the peanuts, mix well and marinate for more than two hours.

3. Drain the water, spread the peanuts on the rotary table of the microwave oven, bite them with high heat for two minutes, and then stir them with chopsticks.

4, Ding for another two minutes, then stir (heat the peanuts evenly), then change to twice a minute.

5, take out to cool, crisp and fragrant spiced peanuts are ready.

spiced peanuts

material: spiced peanuts powder salt


1. Add one teaspoon of spiced peanuts powder, one teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of water to a large bowl´╝ł Add a bag of peanuts with skin (12-16oz) and mix evenly for about 20 minutes. Stir several times in the middle to make it evenly stained with flavor juice;

3. A large flat plate that can be used in microwave oven, spread the wet peanuts full of spiced salt on the plate;

4. Put it in the microwave oven, first Ding for 2 minutes, take it out, turn it over with chopsticks, make it heated evenly, put it back in the microwave oven, then Ding for 2 minutes, then take it out, turn it over, put it back, Ding for 1 minute, turn it over again, add another half a minute, then you can eat the crispy, crispy and crispy five spice peanuts.

through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of the microwave oven roast peanut method, so when making such food, we can follow the above methods, but we should pay attention to that when eating such food, we should also have an appropriate amount, especially after dinner, it is easy to gain weight.

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