Millet porridge can help you replace ginseng soup

Millet porridge can help you to replace ginseng soup

millet porridge can help you to replace ginseng soup

millet, is the first choice of health care people, after illness, postpartum and physical weakness can take, can nourish yin and blood. All year round. Millet porridge is known as & lt; Daishen Decoction & quot; It’s a good name. Shen Yanying, former vice president of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that millet not only has the function of nourishing stomach, but also can help sleep and calm the nerves, which is very effective in relieving stress and tension. So if you can’t sleep at night, you might as well drink some millet porridge.

millet is rich in a variety of nutrients and trace elements, which has a good blood tonic effect. In addition, because millet is not refined like rice, it retains most of the nutrition, and its nutritional value is much higher than rice, which is self-evident for human health.

effect of millet porridge

1, reduce bacterial breeding: 6667

eat more millet can reduce bacterial breeding in the mouth, remove halitosis.

2, prevention of indigestion:

people who have long suffered from spleen and stomach diseases, often drink millet porridge can regulate gastrointestinal diseases caused by various reasons.

3, nourishing heart and calming mind:

millet is rich in tryptophan, which has the effect of regulating sleep. The middle-aged and old people who often suffer from insomnia can drink some millet porridge before going to bed, which can help them sleep.

4, freckle beauty:

millet has the effect of reducing wrinkles, removing spots and reducing pigmentation.

5, kidney:

all grains have the function of nourishing essence and kidney qi, and millet has the strongest kidney tonifying effect.

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