Mobile phone addiction is harmful to people’s physical and mental health. Tips for using mobile phones

with the development of smart phones, their functions are becoming more and more powerful, and gradually become our

mobile phones become a source of pressure, pressure urges us to play mobile phones and form a vicious circle!

the natural peak of cortisol usually occurs about 30 minutes after we wake up in the morning, and we are fully prepared for our daily work needs. However, studies have shown that frequent use of mobile phones will make the human cortisol constantly awakened.

research explains that people’s pressure comes from a series of problems such as numbers, information, communication overload, etc. whether it’s at night or in the morning, the first thing after waking up is to check mobile phone messages. Social media will bring pressure, making us feel bound by the Internet, leading us to become & quot; Social control;.

although most people have realized that social media is the source of their own pressure, because the design of social media is very attractive, people are often impacted by dopamine secretion. When we are free, we unconsciously have an impulse to check information, and even some people do not forget to check mobile phone information when they go to the toilet, according to statistics, More than half of those under 35 have done so.

“ Mobile phone addiction & quot; What’s the harm?

excessive use of mobile phones will affect health status

according to statistics of science and technology market research company statista2017, in 2016, people around the world spent more than one hour playing mobile phones every day. Chinese users spend three hours a day playing mobile phones, ranking second. In addition to eight hours of sleep a day, Chinese people spend three hours of their 16 hours playing with their mobile phones. If ten hours of work time are excluded, then the time of playing with their mobile phones actually accounts for half of people’s free time. Long term use of mobile phones can cause many health problems: finger cramps, finger joint stiffness, cervical problems, lumbar problems, vision problems, etc. It can even cause people’s mental tension and excessive dependence on mobile phones.

improper use of mobile phones will make people addicted to online games

nowadays, the spread of mobile games has seriously affected the normal life of many people怊 King’s glory, survival of the Jedi, happy music and so on, which are regarded as a necessary software to pursue the fashion trend, are eroding people’s spirit and body crazily. In our daily life, we can often see young people who focus on playing games in the subway, employees who are lazy at work and form teams to play games, students who are excited to play games in class and can’t help talking loudly… These games, like a kind of drugs, damage people’s health, but also like a luxury, become something young people show off. People who indulge in these online games are often those who play mobile phones for a long time, and those who overuse mobile phones. Moreover, online games spread rapidly among young people, even primary school students.

unreasonable use of mobile phones will make interpersonal tension

with the popularity of mobile phones, now it is basically a mobile phone for one person. And people rely too much on mobile phones, often ignore their relatives and friends. A family sitting together to eat, but looking down at their mobile phone; A group of old classmates get together, but they brush their mobile phones; The teacher is teaching on the platform, looking at the whole is low head brush mobile phone! All these phenomena are not conducive to us to deal with the relationship with the people around us. They only make people more indifferent, lack the warmth of meeting each other, and lack of human feelings. In recent years, we have heard a lot of family disputes caused by mobile phones. Father and son have become enemies because of playing mobile phones. Sister is afraid of being killed by her brother because of playing mobile phones.

Use apps to check how often you use your phone and which apps take up most of your time.

2. In addition to the most important app notification, turn off all other notifications, so that you can control the time when you watch your mobile phone again, or you don’t need to be notified at a specific time of the day.

3. Turn off & lt; Push & quot; Option, which will only appear when you open the email app and update it, which will help extend the battery life of your phone.

4. spend some time organizing social relationships, including removing WeChat’s official account or micro-blog’s friends.

5. Create a tech free area in your room, such as a kitchen table or bedroom; Out of sight, out of mind; This method will help to avoid the pressure of mobile phones.

6. Set a curfew time for electronic products. Don’t leave your mobile phone beside your bed. The first thing in the morning is not to pick up your cell phone, but to start the day with a short meditation, some exercise, or a rich breakfast.

7. Pay attention to how often you answer the phone during the day. Don’t bombard your brain with messages. Do a short breathing exercise in your spare time to adjust your brain.

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