Moisture proof and dehumidification tips for wood floor: Scented Candle

Wood floor moisture-proof and dehumidification coup: aromatherapy candle

wood floor moisture-proof and dehumidification coup

coup 1: Lime moisture absorption bag

usually we can also make a lime moisture absorption bag in the toilet has helped the tile moisture-proof Oh, but we should pay attention to the use of quicklime, not construction lime. Take some quicklime powder, wrap it with cotton cloth or cloth bag of moderate size, sew the mouth, hang the small cloth bag with rope, and hang it in a humid place.

coup 2: coffee grounds water absorption bag

coffee grounds have two functions of water absorption and deodorization. Collect the coffee grounds, dry them, wrap them in gauze bags, silk stockings or cotton stockings, and put them in every corner of the floor to effectively absorb the moisture of the air. The newly installed floor has the function of removing formaldehyde and other decoration pollution odor. Can be said to be the most healthy dehumidifier.

coup 3: the magic of air conditioning

in addition to dehumidifier, air conditioning is also dehumidification; Expert;. We should all know that the general air conditioning has the function of dehumidification, this is because the air conditioning in the refrigeration process will inevitably be accompanied by dehumidification.

trick 4: aromatherapy candles

candles can also play a role in reducing indoor air humidity. In the bedroom or living room with paved floor, light aromatherapy to save energy and dry the air effectively, and get rid of the musty smell in the room. Aromatherapy can also be used as decoration to enhance the romantic mood of the home, which is both practical and emotional. Is the most emotional dehumidifier.

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