Moisture proof tips in Meiyu season: the effect of hot water mopping is good,

Moisture proof tips in Meiyu season: the effect of hot water mopping is good

. Moisture proof tips in Meiyu season

. There is a way to open windows and skillfully use household appliances

. The reporter asked Aunt Zhang, 78 years old in Pingjiang community, whether she still used it; Quicklime inverted corner & quot& ldquo; Mould prevention of camphor pill; These methods, she shook her head and said: & lt; Now where can we buy quicklime? We don’t need it for a long time. When it’s cloudy, it’s best to open the windows in the afternoon when the air humidity is relatively low. When the sun is good, open all the doors and windows for ventilation. In addition, the air conditioner has a dehumidification function. Don’t forget;.

old newspapers absorb moisture

aunt Lei of Xiaogongyuan community also suffered from Meiyu; The fruit in this yellow plum day will not be released long, and there will be a musty smell at home& rdquo; Aunt ray complained; I only use my own method to spread the old newspaper on the floor, especially in the door and other places where it is easy to get wet. It has a good moisture-proof effect& rdquo;

hot water mop the floor effect is good,

live in Niujia lane of Ms. Jin told reporters, her old house has more than 100 years of history, one to the plum rainy season, the home is always vaguely suffused with a musty smell, said, she opened her door, really a pungent smell& ldquo; I have reduced the humidity of my home to the minimum. Compared with previous years, this year’s anti moisture campaign is still smooth& rdquo; Ms. Jin told reporters with a smile; The most stable and accurate way to prevent moisture in rainy season is to use hot water to mop the floor. This method has been tried repeatedly and the effect is the best. It is suggested that everyone use hot water to mop the floor. The water can not only evaporate quickly, but also remove the ground stains more easily, which is more time-saving and labor-saving than using cold water. Because of the fast evaporation, the retention time of water stains is also shorter& rdquo; Chinese prickly ash and garlic are also of great use. Speaking of his youth experience, master Qu told reporters with pride that he used to manage granaries in Northern Jiangsu when he was an educated youth. If the grain was not stored properly, pests would have an opportunity. Master Qu opened his own rice bowl, and the strong garlic smell came out of it& ldquo; Tie garlic and pepper with gauze and put them in the rice bowl. My grandfather’s grandfather did the same& rdquo; Qu Shifu said, “it’s not a good idea; Because these things have a strong taste and can be used as insect repellents;.

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