Moldova grape

is the favorite of many people. The taste of grapes is sour and sweet. In summer, eating some grapes has a good effect on clearing heat and relieving summer heat. However, when choosing grapes, we should also pay attention to its selection. There are many kinds of grapes, and the nutritional components of grapes in different regions are also different, How about Moldova grapes? They are all unknown.

many people buy grapes at will. If you want to taste good grapes, you need to have a good understanding of grapes. When you eat them, it will help your health. How about Moldova grapes?

Moldova grape:

Moldova grape variety was bred by M. S. juraveli and I. P. Gavrilov of the Republic of Moldova, and the hybrid parent was guzalikala × SV12375。 In 1997, China imported it from Romania. Moldova is suitable for raw food, wine making, courtyard, potted plant, corridor, park, etc. it can also be used as rootstock. It is a real multi-functional grape and is the most widely used grape so far.

Moldova grape variety was bred by M.S. juraveli and i.p. Gavrilov of the Republic of Moldova. The cross parent was guzalikala × SV12375。 It was introduced from Romania in 1997 and Chongqing in 2004. After four years of cultivation observation and production demonstration, it showed that the variety had high resistance to downy mildew, high yield, late maturing, storability, beautiful appearance and good development prospect and market potential.

the young shoots are green to yellowish green, and the young stems have dark red longitudinal stripes, densely covered with villi. The young leaves are green with dark red halo on the edge and dense tomentose on the surface and back. The mature leaves are green, nearly round, medium large, margin rolled up, entire or 3-lobed, with shallow incisions, glabrous on the surface, sparse tomentose on the back, serrated and sharp. Petiole purple red, petiole shorter than midrib, petiole hollow into oval. One year old mature branches are dark brown, internodes are long, winter buds are full and big. Bisexual flowers.

through the above introduction, we also have a good understanding of Moldovan grapes. Therefore, when we choose such grapes, we can also choose them according to their characteristics. When we eat them in this way, we will not have any damage to our own health. We can choose them safely. This is also something we should pay attention to.

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