Mom must know how to get rid of clothes dyeing white clothes dyeing Removal Tips

many times, our clothes will be inadvertently dyed. It’s a pity to want to get rid of them at this time. If we don’t get rid of them, we will feel very ugly. So at this time, we all want to solve this problem and restore our beautiful clothes to their original colors. Today, I will teach you how to solve the problem of clothing dyeing.

How to remove alkali water and soap in clothes dyeing. At this time, pick up the clothes and soak them in alkaline soap for about 10 minutes. At this time, after soaking, take it out and gently rub it in the water, it will make the original dyed clothes become the original color.

hydrogen peroxide removal method

first pour proper amount of water into the basin, and then drip hydrogen peroxide. The ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water is 1:10. After stirring, put it into the clothes and soak it for 5 minutes, you can gently rub down the dyeing position, so as to remove the problem of clothes being dyed.

washing method

first prepare a basin of warm water, then pour in an appropriate amount of washing powder, stir it, and then soak the clothes for about half an hour. Then you can rub it to the dyeing position and wash it. If you still can’t clean it, you can add a small amount of washing powder and then soak and scrub it. Until the dyeing position is cleaned.

salt wiping method

wet the dyed position of clothes, pour some appropriate amount of salt to smear on the dyed position, and then gently rub it with hands until the dyed position is clean, and then wash it in water.

baking soda laurel leaf cleaning method

first prepare a plate of warm water, then pour in 10 teaspoons of baking soda, and then stir it to make it melt evenly. Then put the dyed clothes in warm water, and finally cover the laurel leaves, so that the dyeing problem can be removed overnight.

vinegar cleaning method

pour the vinegar and water into the washbasin according to the ratio of 1:3, then put the clothes into the water, soak for half an hour, and then slowly rub the clothes to the dyeing position, so as to remove the dyeing problems.

salt and vinegar cleaning method

can mix salt and vinegar with water in proportion to soak the dyed clothes. It takes about 3 hours to soak, and then gently knead the dyeing position. At this time, the dyeing position can be removed.

White clothes dyeing Removal Tips

people who have bought white clothes should know that it is very difficult to clean the dyeing of white clothes by washing liquid alone. The most effective treatment is to use bleach. However, bleach is the use of chemicals, special tin compounds, is a strong chlorine products, bleached clothes are not only bad for the body, but also may damage the clothing.

many people use the bleaching water with 100% concentration of the original solution to directly pour on the clothes, and because it is the original solution, the speed is quite fast. In an instant, they find that the clothes are washed bad, the handle becomes a little stiff, and the fabric is damaged. Therefore, when the white clothes are dyed, do not worry first, and choose the cleaning method according to the area.

For the treatment of small area dyeing,

bleaching liquid rinsing method

first wash off the floating color on the clothes with clean water, and then mix the bleaching liquid and water in the ratio of 1:5 or 1:3 with a small cup, Then use a toothbrush dipped in the bleach mixture to gently brush the dyed area. Be sure to brush it gently for a few more minutes. Because it is a mixture, the chemical action will be a little slower, and you will see the effect slowly when you wait.

vinegar cleaning method

drop vinegar on the blackened place, wait for 10 minutes, and then wash it with soap. The stain is not only clean, but also will not leave any trace. In this way, we must ensure that the stains on the clothes can not be too long, and it is better to clean them on the spot, so as to ensure the cleaning. The most important point is that white clothes should be cleaned with white vinegar, so as not to leave vinegar marks.

salt scrubbing method

sprinkle water on the dyeing place of white clothes, wet them, and then coat them with edible salt. Then rub gently with hands repeatedly until the dyeing place is cleaned, and then clean the salt with clean water.

soak the dyed white clothes with white vinegar

. After half an hour, gently rub with hands, and the dye on the white clothes will fade. This method is especially suitable for newly dyed clothes. However, white clothes with serious dyeing and longer dyeing time were not obviously soaked in white vinegar.

How to avoid dyeing white clothes

several points need to be noted in the process of cleaning white clothes:

1. If you choose to use hot water mixed detergent to Soak clothes for decontamination, it is found that the decontamination power of hot water is not enough, Can choose to increase the temperature of hot water, so that the detergent to play a greater effect.

2. In order to avoid the secondary pollution caused by improper cleaning methods to white clothes, before cleaning, you can cut a small piece of cloth at the seam of the clothes for cleaning trial, and then clean the stains.

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