Mood is not delicious, what food can adjust?

Mood is not delicious, what food can adjust?

bad mood what food can adjust? Grapefruit


grapefruit not only has strong fragrance, but also can purify complex thoughts and refresh the mind. Grapefruit contains a high amount of vitamin C, not only can make the body have resistance, but also can resist pressure. Most importantly, vitamin C is one of the important ingredients in the production of dopamine and norepinephrine.


spinach contains not only a lot of iron, but also folic acid needed by human body. Medical literature has consistently pointed out that lack of folic acid can lead to mental illness, including depression and early-onset dementia. Studies have also found that people who have not had enough folic acid for more than five months can’t fall asleep and have symptoms such as forgetfulness and anxiety.


a German study on the effect of garlic on cholesterol found from the questionnaire answered by patients that they did not feel tired, anxious or angry after taking garlic pills.


pumpkin can create a good mood, because they are rich in vitamin B6 and iron, these two nutrients can help the body’s stored blood sugar into glucose, glucose is the only one in the brain; Happy fuel & quot;.

whole wheat bread

eat complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, soda biscuit, they contain trace minerals such as selenium can improve mood, like antidepressant.


after British psychologists gave the subjects 100 micrograms of selenium, the subjects generally felt that they had a good spirit and a more coordinated mind. Selenium is rich in chicken, seafood, whole grains and so on.


banana contains a substance called alkaloid, which can boost spirit and confidence. And bananas are a super source of tryptophan and vitamin B6, which help the brain produce serotonin and reduce depression.

deep water fish

research shows that people who live by the sea are happier. This is not only because the sea is refreshing, but also because they take fish as their staple food. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have similar effects as commonly used antidepressants such as lithium carbonate, according to a Harvard study.

low fat milk

the study found that after giving women with premenstrual syndrome 1000 mg calcium tablets for three months, three-quarters of them relieved their tension, irritability or anxiety to varying degrees.

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