Mosquitoes are rampant in summer. Tips for family mosquito control and repellent

in summer, when mosquitoes are rampant and breeding, there are many mosquitoes. If you don’t pay attention to them, they will sneak into the room and bite people. They are very itchy and annoying. What about those that are easier to attract mosquitoes? How to prevent and repel mosquitoes in summer? Now follow to understand it!

Who are the mosquitoes?

1. Mosquitoes like people with heavy body odor. The odor secreted by people who like to sweat contains more amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, which will attract mosquitoes.

2. People who like to wear dark clothes. Mosquitoes prefer to bite people who wear dark clothes. If you wear dark clothes one day, such as black or red, you may be attacked by mosquitoes.

3, fat. Fat people’s blood lipids will be relatively high, mosquitoes like to bite this kind of people, especially those with high cholesterol, mosquitoes will be very happy to bite. Generally speaking, when adults and infants live in the same room, mosquitoes often bite children; During menstruation, pregnancy and parturition, women are easy to attract mosquitoes.

5, the use of cosmetics, such as hair gel, facial cleanser, the probability of being bitten by mosquitoes will also rise.

How to do by mosquito bite?

1, saline

, saline can eliminate lumps, but also itch, mosquito bite is a good choice.

2, soap antipruritic

sodium salt in soap can alleviate formic acid, play a neutralizing role, wipe soap or soapy water, can quickly eliminate skin itching.

3, toothpaste

, toothpaste in the daily

, how to repel and prevent mosquitoes?

1, remove all kinds of water, domestic waste at any time to clean up, keep the indoor environment clean, pay attention to close the screen window, screen door, do not give mosquitoes living space.

2. Keep mosquito repellent flowers and plants. Some flowers and plants not only have good mosquito repellent effect, but also are economical and harmless to human body. Appropriate amount of mosquito repellent grass, clove, marigold, jasmine, mint, etc. are planted in the home, and their strong smell has anti mosquito effect. Indoor mosquito repellent plants can increase the beauty of the room and purify the air, especially in hot summer.

3. Keep personal hygiene, eat more vegetables containing carotene, garlic and other spicy vegetables, or take B vitamins orally. After physiological metabolism, the body excretes from sweat, which will produce the odor that mosquitoes dare not approach. Keep the body fresh, take a bath as soon as possible after exercise or sweating, otherwise the smell of sweat on the body will easily attract mosquitoes. Wear light color clothes. You can choose light color clothes and trousers when you go out in summer. You should wear long clothes and trousers where there are many mosquitoes. At the same time, you can soak the clothes with pyrethroid insecticide in advance.

4 Install the screen window and mosquito net. Install the screen window on the window and hang the mosquito net on the top of the bed. In this way, you can completely isolate yourself from mosquitoes and avoid being bitten by them. It is easy to breed mosquitoes to clean up the indoor sundries, accumulated water and other sundries. Therefore, attention should be paid to clean up the accumulated water in the indoor water tanks, flower pots, garbage cans, waste cans, etc. The utility model can remove the sundries, ventilate and transmit light, and does not provide a habitat for mosquitoes.

5. Although mosquito repellent incense can kill mosquitoes, it is harmful to human health if it is used continuously for a long time. The place where mosquito repellent incense is used must be ventilated. When spraying insecticide, use a clean towel to cover your mouth and nose, facing mosquitoes and places where mosquitoes are easy to breed, such as corner, wardrobe, desk, bed and other space spray, and then close the door after spraying. After 30 minutes, open the doors and windows, wait for ventilation for half an hour before entering the room. Wash hands after spraying insecticide.

6, diet mosquito repellent method for diet conditioning, appropriate changes in the constitution, so that the body excreted by the acid concentration of sweat decreased. Usually, you can eat more garlic and foods rich in vitamin B, such as brown rice, beans, dried fruits, peanut kernels, fruits, green vegetables, milk, river fresh, seafood and animal liver, kidney, brain, lean meat, etc.

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