Mother orange is sweeter, one second distinguish male and female

orange also points “male and female”“ Is “mother orange” sweeter? Two days ago, when I bought oranges, several people said that it was sweeter to buy “mother oranges” with obvious bottom nests. Today, I bought some, and it is true. Is that a coincidence or is it true? A wholesaler at Chaoyang Road fruit wholesale market said that what we call “male and female” oranges are actually the “tail” shape of oranges. Orange bottom concave obvious is female, not obvious, black spot is male. According to his experience, he believes that “mother orange” is indeed thin skinned, juicy and sweeter, but he does not know how these characteristics are formed.

experts said: “there is no scientific basis for the” male and female “theory.” An agronomist from Danjiangkou agricultural technology station told reporters that oranges, apples, pears and other fruits belong to monogamous fruit trees, and the fruits are developed from flower organs without essential difference. The shape of the tail is different, because the orange is affected by the temperature in the flowering period, and there is little difference in the taste between the two. The taste of orange is mainly related to light, soil fertilizer supply and tree age.

now it’s the season of mass marketing of oranges. Since the male and female oranges are not sure, how to choose delicious oranges? Five tips for choosing oranges.

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