Mouthwash in daily life:

mouthwash in daily life:

mouthwash is a kind of common daily necessities, which can clean mouth, prevent caries and periodontitis. But you know what? Besides cleaning the mouth, mouthwash has many other magical effects!

1, because it kills all kinds of bacteria, when you get up in the morning with sore throat, gargle with it directly, the effect is faster than taking medicine, because it directly sterilizes your throat! I often use this move. It’s very smart!

2. When there is no alcohol in the field, in case of an accident, you can directly spray some mouthwash on the wound, because many mouthwashes contain about 20% alcohol. When touching poisonous plants such as ivy or oak by mistake, spray mouthwash on the touch area to relieve itching discomfort.

3, it is the safest disinfectant, because it can be imported, naturally it is safer than other things. So you can use mouthwash regularly bubble toothbrush disinfection, even when washing clothes can also add a small cup of mouthwash disinfection, cheap and safe. It’s good for daily necessities to be disinfected with this one. Including toys, bathroom, pet box, etc.

4. When your pet accidentally urinates on your carpet or furniture, you can clean it with the usual cleaning method, and then spray mouthwash to eliminate the odor in the area.

5. When air freshener is used, spray it in the space 10-15 minutes before a friend’s visit. It can improve the odor in the room, remove the smoke smell in the car, and spray it on the car mat.

6. If you have onion odor on your hand, spray the mouthwash on your hand and let it dry naturally.

7, soothe sunburn, store a small mouthwash in the refrigerator, spray directly on the injured area when sunburn, can immediately relieve;

8. Visit patients and spray mouthwash on any place or object that has direct contact with patients, such as telephone microphone, bed, food plate, etc. to disinfect and improve the environment.

9. Remove the peculiar smell of refrigerator and freezer. First discard the expired or peculiar smell food in your refrigerator, and then spray the mouthwash on the shelf, drawer or inner wall of the refrigerator.

10, bottle. Many mothers like to use plastic bottles of milk or juice for their babies to drink, but after a long time, there will be odor that can not be removed. Now you can wash the bottle and spray mouthwash on it. After 10 minutes, rinse it with water. You will find that the strange taste is gone, and the taste of milk and juice is better.

11. Garbage can stink. When changing the garbage bag, spray mouthwash on the area near the garbage and let it dry naturally.

12, shower curtain. Spray the mouthwash on the shower curtain to prevent mold and peculiar smell. For places with mold growth, first remove it with detergent, and then spray the mouthwash to prevent mold growth.

13, sofa cushion and outdoor cushion, spray mouthwash, can prevent mold and odor

14, soak toothbrush. There are a lot of bacteria left on the toothbrush, which can be solved by soaking it in mouthwash.

15. Prevent foot odor. After taking a bath, spray mouthwash on your feet to let it dry naturally. Spray mouthwash on your shoes to let it dry naturally.

16. Clean the toilet. Don’t throw out the expired mouthwash. You can pour it on the toilet brush to clean the toilet. It can not only sterilize the odor, but also make the toilet become the same as the new oneļ¼ˆ Xiaobian pro test, the effect is super good ~)

17, daub in the armpit. It is much more convenient than deodorant. Pour some on the cotton ball at the critical moment and gently smear it under the armpit. The effect is very good.

18. Smear the wound. Accidentally abraded, it can be poured on the cotton ball to wipe the wound, has the effect of disinfection.

19. Apply it on the hair. Gargle water can effectively remove dandruff. After smearing it on the hair and scalp, wrap it in a towel and rinse it after a few minutes. The effect is better. If you have acne, you can use it to wipe your face sooner or later.

21. Bath your dog. It’s much easier to use than many flea products. You can use it to bathe your dog or spray it on your dog. The effect is good.

22, wipe the computer screen, mobile phone screen, etc. It can remove fingerprints and stains, so that booty is not easy to get on top.

23. Spray mouthwash on the inside and outside of the trunk to prevent moldy smell and mold.

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