Moving to a new house: you have to understand the “old rules”

when you are going to move into a new house, you have to understand some of the moving & lt; The old rules & quot;. These old rules are very particular in geomantic omen. Many young people don’t understand them. Let’s learn them today!

Moving to a new home: what you have to understand & lt; Old rules & quot;

when moving to a new house, remember 15 rules: 6667

1. Do not enter the house empty handed.

on the day of moving, when you enter the new house for the first time, you must take some valuable things. Take the rice bucket, deposit book, red envelope, etc. The implication is that the family will be very rich and have more and more wealth in the future.

2, no more construction after entering the house

, you can go to the compartment and knock before moving. Once you move in, try not to build any more. If you have to, move in a few days later.

3, pregnant women do not participate in the move

before moving, let pregnant women go back to their mother’s house for a while, and then move into the new house, try not to let her participate in the whole process of moving.

4, choose an auspicious day to move again

, according to the lunar calendar moving taboo, try to avoid family birthday. Moving time as far as possible in the afternoon, easy to home feng shui.

5. The god Buddha should be moved in advance

. If there is a god throne in the family, the god Buddha should be moved into the new home in advance, and then worship. Choose an auspicious time to make a bed. Before the auspicious time arrives, lean it against the wall first. Wait until the auspicious time to make a bed. It would be better if you could find a dragon to make a bed!

6, take new pillows into the new house

moving is the re transfer of the gas field. At this time, we need to let the pillows enter the house first, open the door with new pillows according to the family’s population, and then place them according to individual beds.

7. Be present in person when moving.

. Be present in person. Don’t just ask the client to help move. If you move in person, it’s easier to find things by knowing where they are.

8. Have a good sleep on the day you enter the house

. Don’t take a nap on the first day of moving, or you will get sick easily. When you go to bed at night, after lying down for a few minutes, remember to work for a few minutes, which means that you have to get up after sleeping.

9, need to be busy in a week

, you must be busy in a week after moving. You can invite relatives, friends and neighbors to come home and have a lively chat, get together for a meal and have fun. The more lively, the better the effect of exorcism!

10. The lights should be on on the night when you enter the house

. After moving, all the lights should be turned on on the first night until the next day to ensure that the house is prosperous. If particularly fastidious, want to make sure the lamp is in 72 hours inside want to be on, so prosperous curtilage effect is best.

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