Mung bean soup turns red

mung bean soup is the favorite of many people. This kind of soup has a very good effect on heat clearing and detoxification. Moreover, when drinking this kind of soup, there is no harm to human health, especially when drinking mung bean soup, it can also promote human digestion. Therefore, it is safe to choose this kind of soup, but it should be noted that, This kind of soup is also to drink the right amount, so that there will be no diarrhea, then mung bean soup red is what reason?

what’s the reason for mung bean soup to turn red? There are some reasons for this kind of soup to turn red, so when drinking this kind of soup, we should pay attention to it. However, when making mung bean soup, we should not drink too much, so that the rest will go bad.

mung bean soup turns red:

mung bean soup turns green, mainly due to the contribution of mung bean skin. Mung bean soup can clear away heat and detoxify, because mung bean skin contains polyphenols. As long as the polyphenols are exposed to oxygen, they are very easy to oxidize into quinones, and then polymerize into darker substances, This is similar to the truth that the deeper the color of tea leaves is, the deeper the color is. Red mung bean soup has no loss in nutrients, but its heat clearing and detoxification effect is greatly reduced.

boil in boiling water and cover the pot. Because the soup can’t contact with oxygen, the mung bean soup can keep green. However, with the extension of storage time, the color of the soup will be deeper and deeper and develop to red. The mung bean soup that has not yet been oxidized has the strongest heat clearing and detoxification effect. If you want to clear the fire, you have to drink it while the mung bean soup is still green.

through the above introduction, we have some understanding of the reason why mung bean soup turns red, so when we drink this kind of soup, we should also be timely. We can choose some mung bean soup tomorrow to prevent heatstroke in summer, which will be very helpful to all aspects of the body, and it will also have a good effect on improving human immunity.

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