Nail care is also a knowledge, how to deal with the nail surface is not smooth

nails, although seemingly insignificant, but also a part of the body, how to take good care of their nails, how to maintain is also a very deep knowledge, so daily basic nail care is a very important thing, so how to do basic nail care, Let me tell you the specific steps.

For those with fragile, thin nails, soak your fingernails in extra olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes in the first month, Then soak it every two weeks. This cheap DIY armor strengthens damaged, fragile or easily broken nails.

2. Use nail care cream

a high-quality nail care cream can help moisturize, soften the dead skin on the edge of the nail and nourish the nail surface. Before going to bed every day, rub the nail cream on your nails and massage until absorbed.

3. Eat more foods rich in vitamin H.

in your diet, remember to add foods rich in vitamin H, such as liver, boiled eggs, grains, broccoli and avocado (avocado), etc. vitamin H can strengthen your nails and make them thicker.

4. Wear gloves when doing housework

. Remember to wear gloves when you wash dishes and do sanitation. Detergents and detergents can damage your nails, causing them to dry, break and peel.

5. Try to avoid nail polish remover

the frequency of using nail polish remover in a month should not exceed 2 times. Also, never use nail remover containing acetone, a chemical that can damage your nails.

6. Massage the nail surface

the nail can promote the blood flow around the nail, which can help the growth of the nail. When massage, use hand cream on the hand, and use nail cream or finger edge oil on the nail. Of course, we must develop the habit of wiping hand cream immediately after absorption, and nail should also be wiped.

7. Don’t overuse your fingernails

your fingernails are not the opener to open the tinned cola, dial the phone number so that you can use the pulp to replace the fingernails, and so on, If you want to protect things, of course, you have to do a good job at the bottom. Washing hands with clean water is the first step and the most important.

2. Next, you can use dead skin ointment. To the dead skin cream on the back of the hand, hands gently rub dead skin and then clean, you can prepare for the third step!

3, add spray massage, spray massage is an important step in massage, the specific step is to move the wrist – pushing your hands and thumbs from the middle fingers to the sides, sliding down, and pressing the bigger muscle less than the muscle – thumb massage finger knuckle – pushing hands – pushing the fingertips from the fingers to the fingertips, hands and thumbs respectively – finger – finger joints – flexion, extension, fingers, clap your hands – shake your wrist. Repeat these steps three times, three times can have the greatest effect.

4, apply hand mask or hand cream, and wear disposable gloves. Take off the gloves, pat the hands to absorb, fully absorb, let the fingers get better protection effect.

how to prevent nail breakage

many girls are easy to nail breakage. Lack of water is an important reason for nail breakage. We can apply olive oil on our hands before going to bed and massage them to achieve a moisturizing effect. In addition, if the economic conditions permit, we can buy nail repair cream containing fructic acid or phospholipid ingredients to apply once every other day, which can better protect the nails. It should also be emphasized that some ingredients in the nail removal water will make the nails rough and broken, so it’s better to use less, the most important daily maintenance and massage.

how to deal with the nail surface is not smooth

nail surface is very easy to not smooth, nail is also a mirror to reflect our health, nail surface is not smooth mainly for the appearance of vertical and horizontal stripes, if there is this phenomenon, you should be careful, it may be caused by your unbalanced diet, So don’t be picky any more. Take more vitamins. In addition, the pressure of life, poor sleep will also lead to nail surface is not smooth, therefore, good living habits is also the key to protect the nail, nail is not smooth on behalf of the body problems, we should pay attention to.

nail protection is to need daily care to do, must slowly accumulate, although the nail is very humble, but it is also an indispensable part, so if you want to have a pair of beautiful hands, you must have healthy nails, I hope the method introduced by Xiaobian can bring help to you.

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