Never run out of shampoo don’t rush to throw away the daily magic of shampoo

we all know that shampoo is specially used for hair washing, so do you throw away all your household shampoo? Here are a few small experiences for you, let shampoo in our

4? Pour a few drops of shampoo into the hot water, put the comb in, soak for a few minutes, and then wash.

5. The green plants in the house will be covered with dust after being placed for a long time. Drop a few drops of shampoo in clean water, stir evenly, soak the rag down, wring it dry, and then use it to wipe the leaves, which is much better than directly wiping with clean water.

6. It’s difficult to clean up the stains on the carpet. Add water to the shampoo, gently pat it on the stained area, and then dry it with a dry towel. After repeated several times, the stains will be gone.

shampoo other magical uses

1, polish shoes

important moment found that shoes have not been polished, home and no shoe polish how to do? Just need a little shampoo to make your shoes shine again ~ just need to spread it evenly in the place that is not bright or worn, and wait a little longer ~ similarly, it has the same effect for leather bags ~

2, the zipper that is stuck

, what should I do if the zipper is stuck? Drop a few drops of shampoo on the stuck place and then pull it, you can pull it off very smoothly. ~

3, tear band aid

, silly girls who often bump on the ground! Have you ever come across band aids that are super hard to tear! Anyway, every time I tear the band aid tape and so on, I’m going to die. In fact, as long as I drop a few drops of shampoo around the band aid, it won’t hurt! And it won’t have the mark of half dry glue, it can tear very clean ~

4, wash your comb with shampoo

, ask yourself, little sister, how long have you not washed your comb well? It must be covered with dandruff and some hair. I dare not wash my hair with expired shampoo. Is there anything wrong with the shampoo comb? Drop shampoo into the hot water and soak it in the comb for a few minutes. The comb will be clean!

5, dust the green plant

, young girls who have green plants in their families, will your green plants be stained with dust? Use cloth shampoo with water and foam to wipe the leaves. I do not know how many times to wipe it up with water.

6, the stains on the carpet

, the stains on the floor stand are very troublesome to deal with every time. It’s better to use shampoo! Add water to shampoo, gently drop and pat on the stained area, and then dry with dry towel. This repeated toss a few times, stains will go without a trace Oh ~

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