Newborn does not sleep during the day

for newborn babies, sleep is very important, normal words baby in addition to feeding and changing diapers time, other time is basically sleeping, newborn baby enough sleep is an important factor to ensure their physical growth. But there are a lot of treasure mother found that their home has not been a full moon baby in the daytime but not a good sleep, this is how to return a responsibility?

newborn babies sleep during the day and at night. If your baby doesn’t sleep during the day, it may be caused by too noisy home environment. In order to make your baby sleep well during the day, you can use the following methods to regulate.

first of all, the most important thing is to help your baby to establish a daily sleep pattern. Cultivating a regular lifestyle can help your baby understand what to do at what time, and also help your mother understand when your baby will be tired, hungry or want to play during the day. Don’t stare at the time to do things strictly, but be sure to do something at the same time every day, which is conducive to the formation of a good life pattern for mother and baby.

in fact, every baby knows the environment, so let the baby sleep in the same place every time, so that he will realize that he has to sleep in this place. It’s best to let the baby take a nap at night during the day, so that the baby can connect sleeping with a special place. If you are on the road, you can also let him sleep in the car or pram, but most of the time, try to give him the opportunity to sleep in the same place. If the baby is in kindergarten, there should be a place for the baby to sleep.

in fact, the same things happen during the day and before the night, so for the baby, the feeling of sleeping during the day and at night is the same. Before the baby goes to bed during the day, you should also arrange a quiet time with him, close the curtains, tell a story or sing a lullaby. This is to tell the baby that it’s time to sleep. Whether day or night, this method to coax the baby to sleep is very feasible.

it’s easy for newborns not to sleep during the day to lead to brain fatigue. Therefore, you can adjust the baby’s sleep according to the above methods, and let the baby rest as much as possible. Moreover, in order to ensure the baby’s sleep, it’s better to let the baby sleep regularly, so that the baby will naturally fall asleep when it’s time.

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